Saturday, 29 October 2011

How much? You cannot be serious!

Two articles, one in the Guardian and the other in the Daily Telegraph, report that our elected dictators are floating the idea, once again, that their parties should be financed by the public, this time to the tune of £3 per vote. It would appear from Lord Feldman's quoted remarks in the Guardian that this money is required to allow political parties to engage with the electorate. The only problem with that idea is the public obviously don't wish to engage with those that Feldman represents - so why the hell should the public pay? From the House of Commons Communications Allowance Booklet it can be seen that they already receive an allowance, upto a maximum of £10,000, to cover costs incurred engaging with the public.

I think the phrase 'Foxtrot Oscar' is more than appropriate in response to this latest proposal!

Afterthought: And there are those amongst us who believe we should not rise up and slaughter these bastards?


John de France said...

I see an opportunity here....

If we don't vote, they don't receive their £3. Mass refusal to vote, anyone ?

PeterCharles said...

Too bloody right! I most strongly protest at the idea I should pay for these pompous prats to mouth vacuous platitudes and mendacious promises at me on subjects of their choosing.

My solution would be all political donations, whether in kind, service or cash should be limited to £99 per donor per year, that no person or organisation working on behalf of or in support of a political party should receive any payment whatsoever.

I would grudgingly allow them monies from public funds to print and deliver a single A4 sheet with whatever political crap they like on it to every address in the UK. And I would ask all media and TV and radio stations to do their best to provide for a full, impartial public debate on popular issues during the run up to an election, except for the BBC which cannot be trusted. The public must be allowed to set the agenda for debate, not politicians.

No more big business funding, no more foreign oligarch funding, no more crony funding, no more party luminaries funding, no more celebrity funding, no more trades union funding.

As Richard North keeps rightly telling us, the only way to bend these parasites to our will is to hit their access to cash, especially ours.

Even better I doubt they could run the fake charities and 'independent' think tanks on that amount, two more things we would be well rid of.

This idea is also a long time goal of the EU, pan-European political parties funded by the EU, all in the interests of fairness and level playing fields, of course. My arse as a certain sit. com. character was prone to say, and in similar circumstances.

graham wood said...

Well Peter. I could'nt have put it better myself!
The very thought of this would or should send any democrat into fits of rage.
I can only repeat what I posted on Richard North's blog where I read this outrageous suggestion.

"Don't vote at all

If the money depends on numbers of votes then we have to deprive them of those votes."

Absolutely! I will "not vote" 10,20, or more times at the next election in order to deprive these crooks of an ounce of encouragement to exist as MPs.

So, because they cannot muster support from a public which generally hates these mendacious lying, greedy careerists, they must now resort to sucking the public teat. When will these numptys learn. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PUBLIC MONEY - ONLY OURS!


If they want funds for their despised political activities let them raise these from their "own sources" - we pay then more than enough already - and for what?

john in cheshire said...

In the immortal words of Iain Paisley : "Never, Never, Never"

Anonymous said...

Parties should be financed by the public, this time to the tune of £3 per vote.

Brilliant idea. Can the Mafia, which is an organised party (actually a very well organised one), apply?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

JdF: Nice idea but can't see it happening - the public are sheep and sheep are easily herded.

PC: Quite like those ideas.

gw: As with JdF, nice idea not voting but it needs everyone to do so.

jic: Ah, IP another politician with 'bendable' principles....

DP111: The mafia are already there - they're running it!