Wednesday, 5 October 2011

On thing the British public can bank on

is that where David Cameron is concerned, according to Ian Fraser, he is either clueless or a liar.

We understand that this man gained a first in philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford; and whilst it is known that academic 'standards' have been declining for some years now, bearing in mind his decision-making abilities it is becoming increasingly impossible to refute the suspicion that either the examiners were unable to read or that there was, possibly, an element of ''brown envelope" involved in the award.

That Cameron - and the bulk of the political class - have managed to attain the positions they hold is but the fault of the electorate and I can but repeat that that is yet another reason why our existing system of democracy must change!

Just saying...................


TomTom said...

No brown envelopes needed. Vern Bogdanor was his Politics tutor, maybe even an examiner...but it used to be about 8% got Firsts in PPE and 14% in English....I suspect it has changed a lot since my day; but if you can write well there is only style to worry about in Politics or Philosophy and expressing ideas rather than knowledge of facts or mechanisms as in Economics

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: 'Twas VB to which I alluded with the reference to brown envelopes.