Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Investigatory powers for MEPs?

Courtesty of England Expects we get notice of this proposal from the EU Parliament's Committee for Constitutional Affairs. The subject of both links requires no further comment from me, however it is noted that the proposal was approved in committee with 16 in favour, 1 against and no abstentions.

One can only hope that the seventh member on the list of those comprising the committee, were he present, was the one against. Unfortunately it appears that the latest minutes published are those of the 7th September, however the draft report can be read here and the amendments here.


Anonymous said...

This is very very interesting. I distinctly remember that when common EU citizenship was introduced under the Masstricht Treaty John Major went on the Tele and assured us all that it would only ever confer rights on us and would never make us subject to a duty. I'm sure someone can find the relevant clause of the Treaty.

Well if being summoned to appear before a bunch of MEPs isn't a duty I dont know what is. lets be serious here. In no circumstances could it ever be considered a pleasure.

Just what would they do with someone who refused to attend on the grounds that they didn't recognise the jurisdiction of the EU Parliament? Push would well and truly come to shove!!

It is just about possible that they are extending themselves a bit far on this one. " Give them enough Rope"

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anon: Re your 3rd para: the interesting point is that the member state would have to punish non-attendance without good reason through use of their own laws........?

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Quite what law could the state throw at a freborn Briton that would secure a conviction by a Jury. I dont doubt for a minute that they would try but it would become a cause celebre.

Alternatively would the EU circumvent national law and use an EU arrest warrant and enforce it through interplod?

If a case like this got anywhere near an English Jury it would fail. i know that the populace has become somewhat dumbed down of late but round where I live ( Sussex) I very much doubt that more than 5% of the population would agree to anyone being punished for refusing to appear before a bunch of EU Hoons!!

PS This MEP Duff is really becoming extremely annoying!!!

IanPJ said...

Dear MEPs,

Thank you for your invitation to join your EU club, but as I told the membership secretary of the Playboy club, membership, or citizenship as you call it, of your club is as much use to me as a fart in a spacesuit.

As you are neither a country or state, I see no upgrade value, nor do I think you can actually make any genuine citizenship offer.

I therefore robustly decline your somewhat shifty offer as citizenship of my own country has not yet expired.

your sincerely
A. Patriot

Monty Cristo said...

If some of those on the list are 'members' and others 'substitutes', what are they substituting for and are batteries included?

That Duff character seems to be quite proud of his attempt to usurp power from the Crown.

Anonymous said...

Physician, heal thyself.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anon: Intriguing situation it would be too! And Yes, it is about time that MEP got 'duffed up', to coin a phrase.

IPJ: Concur.

MC: While one robot is in for servicing, it is necessary to have another to substitute - and yes they all have batteries!

DP111 Quite!