Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A worthy point not made in 'the' debate

Parliamentary debate, Hansard 24th October 2011:

David Cameron:
"......When your neighbour’s house is on fire, your first impulse should be to help put out the flames...."
From the letters section of the Daily Telegraph today:
"SIR – My understanding is that, when a place is burning down, the correct action is to evacuate the building.
John Kelsey
Ludham, Norfolk
In other words Mr. Cameron; we are Better Off Out!


Anonymous said...

My SAS book on survival tips says the following

" When the EU house is on fire, hose it down with your prepared supply of parafin"

PeterCharles said...

That was indeed a particularly inept comment from Cameron, but then, he is ignorant of just about anything so why would you expect him to know that when the fire brigade arrives the first thing they do is turn the hoses on the neighbouring buildings so the fire doesn't spread.

The problem he has is that he thinks we should be the misguided hero running into the burning house so that the fire brigade has even more people to save if they can.

Anonymous said...

Straight out of the starting traps and thanks to our Twitter friends for bringing this to our attention...

In the best traditions of the European Empire which does not take "no" for an answer, the British public have decided that they are going to make Parliament vote again until we get the desired outcome.

So, already up and running - sign the petition to force Parliament to debate a referendum on the European Empire.

Let's keep on doing it until we get the outcome that we wanted all along.

What's good enough for the European Empire is good enough for us!

TomTom said...

I am really surprised Cameron is so wealthy. Surely he committed his capital to saving HBOS in 2008 ?

Anonymous said...

More people have signed a new e-petition on the site.

The more ClamCleg refuse, the more pressure on them, and greater anger in the country.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anon: Nice idea.........

PC: As ever, agreed.

TT: As the consumate politician he didn't, he committed our capital.

DP111: Petition all you like, there won't be another one - regardless of the wording. The BBC (the BB Committee) will just point out we've had one and bin the further requests.

Anonymous said...


Agreed. No further "debates" in parliament.

But the the point of further petitions is not to have another debate, but to increase the temperature in the polity.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

DP111: Agreed and in fairness not one I had considered :(

graham wood said...

But the the point of further petitions is not to have another debate, but to increase the temperature in the polity.

Spot on. And it would increase the pressure if it gained enough publicity. Why should we let the incompetent treacherous crew off the hook?
Embarrass them (if that is still possible) with unrelenting demand for our referendum MINUS any interference by the Whips.
Cameron and Clegg need their wigngs clipping and shown that we mean business.
Who are these jumped up little self appointed censors of the national will?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

gw: Agreed with hindsight - and I have already offered my mea culpa to DP111.

An even better petition exists: