Sunday, 2 October 2011

Hague hoisted on his own petard?

From William Hague's speech to the Tory faithfull robots:
"A government betrays instead of serving its people if it allows them to live on a delusion and that we will not do."
A government allows....? So we do indeed live in a democratised dictatorship!

To live on a delusion and that we will not do? But we do indeed live on the delusion of the political elite that it is more beneficial for the UK to be a member of the EU, a belief that they refuse to prove by way of a cost/benefit analysis!

And we thought that MilibandE was an idiot..........................


john in cheshire said...


As I posted previously, Mr Osborne tells me :
" There are many things about the EU the Government would like to change; however, membership of the EU benefits the UK in many ways. It gives UK business full access to the world's most important trading zone of 500 million consumers, without the barriers of customs or tariffs. 10 percent of UK jobs rely on exports to EU member states and UK households are estimated to benefit from EU trade by as much as £3,300 per year. There are also benefits for UK individuals, such as the right to study and work within the EU."
So, there we have it. The interesting thing for me is that he has given an estimate of the value of supposed benefits for each UK household. I wonder where that figure was plucked from.
I'm wasting my time corresponding with him because Mr Osborne is not in listening mode, he's in telling mode, as always.

Bill said...

I think the most telling comments are these two which show Mr Osborne up for what he and all of his ilk are EU shills.

"It gives UK business full access to the world's most important trading zone of 500 million consumers"

"10 percent of UK jobs rely on exports to EU member states"

So 90% of UK jobs rely on trading with the rest of the world outside of the EU

A 10% rise in unemployment is price worth paying is it not to be free of the EU monster and trade with whoever we want?

Anonymous said...

Delusions are costly - on a personal basis, as well as the collective one.

In the case of the EU, the delusions are not going to cost the apparatchiks in the EU any grief. They will still retire on a huge pension, paid by us. As for the career politicians in the UK, they too will retire on a huge payoff.

That will leave us with the cost - in the tens of billions or even tens of trillions. The cost is not just money but the huge anxiety and grief being visited on Greeks - men, women and children.

NB: The word verification for this post was : thivies!

Is this telling us something or what?

Sean O'Hare said...

And we thought that MilibandE was an idiot

I can't agree with you there WfW! We know for sure thata he is an idiot.

TomTom said...

Being British is the worst option in the EU. Foreigners take British University places; foreigners take 40% jobs in The City; foreigners flock to the Uk to learn English and then apply to emigrate to the Us or Canada. The Canadian High Commission in London is backlogged with Pakistanis in England applying to join relatives in Canada.

Read "Jilted Generation" and see how the nation's youth has been cheated of its birthright and finds it hard to suvcceed in its own native land. Better to be German or Swedish or Dutch than British

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: And we dont need the political oversight to trade.....

Bill: I didn't hear the speech but if he said that then perhaps he needs to check with his boss cause I'm sure Cameron gave a different figure?

DP111: WV is most telling at times!

SO'H: I am suitably chastened...

TT: Author and publisher?

The Librarian said...

Book Reference

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TL: Thankee kindly Sir! Now ordered!

outsider said...

Remember that Mr Hague is the man who wanted Georgia to join the EU.

It is depressing that foreign policy, which (just about) remains one area we have not handed over to the EU, is handed over to the US.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

os: Forget the US, it seems it has already been handed over to Brussels!