Thursday, 20 October 2011

That 'EUnnoying' debate

There is much is being written, in the media, about the forthcoming debate on a motion for a referendum to be debated in the House of Commons, including an article by Graham Brady in today's Daily Telegraph, one that can be accessed via Richard North. Paul Waugh, Politics Home, makes great play of the news that those Conservative MPs who have signed Nuttall's motion has grown to 60 and has also just announced on Twitter that Ed Miliband is instructing his MPs to vote against the motion. Likewise is Guido Fawkes reporting that Nick Clegg is imposing a three-line whip on his MPs.

That a frenzy is being built up over this debate, to the point of being utterly ridiculous, comes with a further posting by Guido Fawkes that upto 15 ministers and whips are prepared to defy the three-line whip that Cameron is reported to be imposing. Everyone seems to have forgotten that as this motion came from the Backbench Business Committee it must be voted on as written and as such the possibility of an amendment, one more favourable to Cameron et all, is not on the table. That is not to say that an alternative motion could not be tabled but then Bercow would be placed in a position of choosing that, when the Backbench Business Committee have in effect stated that they want the existing motion debated. Another point that seems to have escaped the notice of those partaking in this hysteria being built is that if Labour and the Liberal Democrats are whipped to vote against the motion, the motion is as good as lost anyway.

Not wishing to crow, but this latest political shannighan just confirms that which I have been saying for some time now - we do not live in a democracy, but in a democratised dictatorship! Methinks just for once Cameron's advice should be adopted by all and sundry, namely: "Calm down dears"!

As an aside, in the Daily Telegraph letters column today is one from Richard Craven, Pickering, West Yorkshire who writes that Mr. Cameron would do well to rememebr that it is the voters who elect MPs, not the Prime Minister and that those MPs should consider the wishes of their constitutents. He ends by pointing out that MPs should remember that voters have longer memories than they are given credit for.  With no disrespect to Mr. Craven, whose surname would appear to mirror his views, voters do appear to have extremely short memories - why else would Labour be holding an 8% lead in opinion polls?


Pavlov's Cat said...

that those MPs should consider the wishes of their constituents.

O'Reilly Do you think anything has changed?

Robert said...

Why have Labour got an 8% lead?

Would you vote for Cameron?

notareargunner said...

Would you vote for any of them?

Anonymous said...

What I believe is fundamental is the misconception that political parties are actually bothered about winning elections.

The top 2000 people in the political class ( regardless of party) sit atop a pyramid of power influence and spending which controls 53% of the country's GDP ( of which only 75% is financed through tax).

These 2000 people comprising of Politicians, Quangocrats, Think Tank Bossess etc etc are the target of a lobbying industry which spends about 2 Billion a year. Thats about a million a year for each of the senior "gross legumes"s the French would say).

The basic rules for admittance to the gilded 2000

1) complete rejection of the notion of Patriotism.
2) Total acceptance of the EU.
3) Total acceptance of the multi-culti thing.

These people claim to be in different parties but in reality they share out the spoils from their collective rape of the nation between themselves.

Democracy is predicated on the basic assumption that those standing for election are genuinely trying to win power.

Sadly that assumption no longer applies. The political class is in power all of the time regardless of whatever party label is applied to it. They are all interchaneable, all equally traiterous and all in it together.

Anonymous said...

I know that nobody likes a know all but just as I predicted the Labour party has imposed a 3 line whip against the motion. They were particuarly frightened of by the possibility that employment would be "re-patriated" i.e they are not going to stand on a platform of making their constituents work longer hours and enjoy fewer employment rights.

Major set this particular bomb off and numerous Tory MPs have followed suit. The Labour party quite happy to play their part bin this charade have now come in with their two pennyworth. I have heard several Labour MPs citing this very issue as why they will not vote for the motion.

Choreographed Bollocks from start to finish!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill said...

They are all aliens. I'll keep on saying it until the penny drops. They are not elected they are appointed.
They do not represent the people of the British Isles they represent their masters whoever they are. I haven't been able to work it all out and am now past caring.

North has the solution. Chip away at the privates to take out the generals.
My own solution would be to sack Parliament and all those who rely on it and replace it with a Swiss style democracy. The mother of all Parliaments is so corrupt, so alien it is no longer worthy of our attention.

IanPJ said...

Well I have a NINE LINE WHIP for them.

Anonymous said...

News just in from England.

Foreign news agencies are reporting the following.

British rebels say that they have captured the reviled dictator Cameron. Apparently he had retreated into his Tribal stronghold of rural Oxfordshire.

He was eventually run to ground in a ditch. Looking tired deranged and confused Dave was reduced to clutching his one remaining weapon, a totally worn out parliamentary whip.

He was then dragged kicking and screaming from his favourite ditch. In a last but ultimately vain and desperate bid to confuse the heroic rebels, the crying blubbing Dave was heard to say, ” But I am a EUsceptic I really am!

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC: I know, I know.......

R: Methinks you miss the point somewhat. Whether one agrees with Cameron or not, how can people vote for the bunch of idiots who caused this financial problem in the first place? Have they learned nothing? And peoples memories are very long? Sheesh! When will people think beyond the present?

narg: No!

Anon (1) & (2): Agreed.

Bill: Disagree to a certain extent with RN on that, however...
Go along with your last para 100%!

IPJ: Yup saw that post. Much prefer the hemp and lamppost scenario though - and now!

Anon (3): One day that will happen, mark my words and the reaction you attribute to Cameron will be the same for the rest of them.

TomTom said...

I am happy for Cameron to have a rebellion, to learn that a significant grouping will defy a 3-Line Whip; if they do. That alone is symbolic.

The German Bundestag voted in September for a ESM Fund to prop up the Euro. They now find the Finance Minister trying to leverage it into a bigger fund; they were only given an outline in English - no detail - no German translation.

The Executive has gone mad under EU hegemony and detached from democratic accountability and not just in Britain.

It is clear that the Welfare State is unaffordable to the Middle Class that pay the bills; Unlimited to the Consumers that pay nothing; and Irrelevant to the Rich who avoid obligation.

The core of the European Societal Structure is eroding fast and Politics has through Immigration of the Unskilled burdened the Middle Class with liabilities that cannot be met as they face ruin and expropriation of savings.

A few Conservative MPs defy the Whips. A glimmer but not a spark. The spark will come from the Street and Cameron should reflect on Ghadaffi's fate !

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: Very true and re your last paragraph, the fact that none of the politicians can see that eventually the spark will come from the street is incomprehensible.