Tuesday, 18 October 2011

An odd omission indeed

With the meeting yesterday of Energy company chiefs and David Cameron, presented as David Cameron getting on top of the problem (a mental picture that I will not pursue!), it was interesting to see the statement from the No10 website.

Under 'better billing' it is odd that there is no mention of the need to show just how much of the bill is for 'windmills', an element which should be shown if our bills are to be 'transparent' - a subject which The Purple Scorpion covered in his post yesterday.

As Richard North, EU Referendum so succinctly states, the choice Cameron has is either ditch the greenery or pay the political price. Whether Cameron will pay the price whereby it costs him his job is open to question, but one thing is obvious - it sure as hell costs us!

Just saying.................


Goodnight Vienna said...

According to msm sources the green part of our bills is negligible in comparison to the wholesale price of energy these days - witness Cameron & Huihne's statements yesterday that we should all "Go Compare". It's just words and show-boating as usual - they can't do anything to private companies, except tax them more, and they can't do anything about the eu, because they don't want to.

As for Cameron, words fail me, he couldn't get on top of my grandma let alone energy companies or the eu.

James Higham said...

Where's shale on the agenda?

Goodnight Vienna said...

@ James. The EU has proposals to ban derivatives from tar sands, which is likely to be passed on environmental grounds. It's said that shale gas isn't far behind. Tough luck to Cuadrilla, the 16,000 jobs in Lancashire and low energy prices for Britons.

PeterCharles said...

Well James, France is trying its damnedest to get shale gas banned, fortunately Poland, always chary of Russia, is saying F-Off you can ban it, we are going for it.

Sadly I suspect Huhne and the eco-nuts will either ban it, over-regulate it or do whatever else is necessary to stop the UK developing it. Let's face it, a one or two century reserve of gas with a carbon footprint almost as small as wind and solar when you take into account the infrastructure and building costs involved in those 'green' alternatives, and which could be priced at a fraction of current gas and oil supplies might start some people asking why they wasted so much money and pushed half the population into fuel poverty. Even worse there could be legitimate calls for all subsidies to be set to zero and all those people like a certain political daddy-in-law being told to return the land they gave up for windmills to original condition, at their own expense.

"...the choice Cameron has is either ditch the greenery or pay the political price." Not so I think from the politician's view. First choice is to just ignore any criticism, the status quo to date, second choice is to bury the inconvenient truths in a fog of obfuscation, which was what yesterday was all about, third choice is to blame someone else, which is what Odious Osbourne is doing, fourth choice is to blame the EU but swear they are going to put them straight, yet to come, fifth choice is to blame the 'advisors', etc. etc. In other words, keep ducking and turning as you put in your previous post.

The reality is potentially a race between which disaster overtakes them first, the coming economic crash or the final public awareness of just how wrong CAGW theory is and just how much we have given up in political as well as economic terms in its name. Once it is realised people will likely be out for political blood.

If only we had a media that was impartial, honest and investigative we would already be there.

TomTom said...

Why do Utilities not itemise the Green Levies on the Bills ? Are they prohibited from doing so by Whitehall ?

Likewise, why do petrol stations not print ALL taxes on the recipt instead of simply VAT ?

Likewise Whisky retailers ?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

GV Agreed with the added comment that he most certainly won't be getting on top of me - and he is trying.......

JH: Exactly, although GV's response to you says it all.

PC: Extremely well made points, as usual.

TT: True and I recall a post somewhere that suggested this should be the norm on all receipts which involve any 'tax'.

In answer to your first question - not that I know of. I believe it is just a ploy, at govt suggestion, to fog the issue.