Saturday, 8 October 2011

It is extremely easy to become disheartened

which accounts for the lack of posting today - and the reason for which is the shower of 'sh 1 ts' that have managed to get themselves elected to parliament.

Exhibit 1 is a report on Politics dot co dot uk which states that MPs and peers say they are deeply concerned over plans to give ministers "carte blanche" over the circumstances in which the authorities can enter people's homes. We have, so we are informed, a 'new breed' of MPs who were elected in 2010, especially amongst the Conservative Party, who are 'fired up about freedom and personal liberty. Yet where are the voices against the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 - surely the most pernicious act ever passed, other than the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act - both of which are acts of parliament that in effect give 'carte blanche' to elected politicians for the imposition of a true totalitarian state.

Exhibit 2 is a report in the Financial Times that the newspaper has learnt that a proposed rail link, costing an estimated £5bn, twixt Heathrow and Gatwick is being seriously considered. I'm well aware some may consider that when an announcement, or hint of an announcement, by our puppet government is concerned, the first thing I do is to initially look for the 'EU involvement' - and I think that I may be forgiven for this. If one just trots over to the EU's Trans European Network - Transport (TEN-T) website it will quickly be seen that one of their aims is 'modal' - in other words 'tying up',or making the best use of,  existing transport networks to benefit the free movement of good, people and services. The alternative to this scheme would be an additional runway at Heathrow, something which the present Coalition has 'hit on the head', no doubt because they know damn well that it would be mired in legal challenges and protests so what better than a new rail line? Yet another example of the puppet government forestalling that which is to come - and who is to say that 'conversations' have not already been held on this?

That the 'divide' twixt those supposedly elected to represent the people's interests and the people is best illustrated by this post by Brendan O'Neill on Spiked. As Brendan states, of all the problems we as a nation face, what excited both the media and the Conservative conference was the fact that a 'fat tax' might be introduced and the subject of 'gay' marriage was considered 'important'. Is this the nadir to which our politics has sunk? Possibly, returning to another well-worn question, when considering Articles 4, 5 & 6 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), is there any major aspect of governance that our puppet government has left in which to decide policy? Actually, on second thoughts, they are only paving the way on gay marriages, so as to negate any legal challenges under 'human rights'.

Just these two examples illustrate that we are beholden to the requirements of a foreign power, namely Brussels. The history of our nation is marked by those who have given their lives to progress the freedom of our country, whether they be 'martyrs', or those who have given their lives fighting for all that this country has stood, over the centuries. There are those amongst us who believe that the avenues of democracy should be used to overthrow the present state of our democracy - a similar view to those who believe that the EU and the Conservative Party can be changed from within - and that is something which is pure 'hogwash'. Has not history shown that to overthrow a pernicious state of affairs there is only one course of action, namely 'direct action? Next year, having reached the start of my 70th decade, I have lived my life - such as it has been - and for the benefit of future generations, I am quite prepared to become yet another martyr in our history.

Anyone with me.........?


TomTom said...

Maybe we need people to get more like Wall Street Pro2


and say it like it is !

Bill said...

Small groups and individuals sticking to the man to use a colonial phrase are disregarded by the state machine. GOOD!

Ticks are ignored but they kill people.

Here's a bit from the local rag which suggests to me that the silent majority are more pissed off with the state than most people realise...

A CAMPAIGN group opposing public service cuts has accused a town of ‘boycotting’ its meetings.
Furness Against the Cuts is a steering group set up to campaign against proposed savings in public services across South Cumbria.
At a meeting at The Forum in Barrow on Thursday night, Norman Hill, a key figure in the steering group, told around 20 people at the meeting he had invited representatives from a range of organisations that campaign against spending cuts.

As you see only 20 people turned up in a town of 70,000 people where the biggest employer is the state and those who suck at the teat of the state in positions of 'control' stayed away as well!
My reading is these state employees don't want their neighbours to know who they are and how they make a living but it's Sunday, it's raining and my roof has just started leaking so the rest of the day will be 'dirty' so I may be off beam.

Anonymous said...

It is all asteroids and androids at the moment:-D

Oldrightie said...

The Wall Street protest is gaining momentum despite the efforts by the establishment and their MSM stooges attempts to keep it all quiet. This just might spread throughout Europe. Not least in support of The Greek people against their bondage. Sacrifices are necessary, debt to be repaid. It is the methods and the victims of these measures over which disagreements stand.
One size most definitely does not fit all!

Anonymous said...

The proposed High speed link between Gatwick and Heathrow is a complete nonsense. It will add Zero extra capacity! As you say simply a damage limitation exercise on the part of the government as the EU is going to demand that they do it.

Until 20 years ago there used to be a regular helicopter service between Gatwick and Heathrow. It was extraordinarily fast and covenient. Sadly it was closed down on the orders of HM Government.

Mr Ecks said...

70th decade?--you must have witnessed the Peasants Revolt firsthand.

English Pensioner said...

However you look at it, a railway between Heathrow and Gatwick, or Heathrow and Stansted would probably be far better value for money than HS2 as it would have a real reason. And a park and ride somewhere along the route would relieve traffic congestion at the airports.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT & Or: One day - I live in hope....

Bill Fair point.

Anon(1): Our polies do seem to have stars in their eyes.......

Anon(2): Agreed.

Mr. E: Heh! 7th obviously, although at times it does feel like the 70th!

EP: What value, exactly, other than to give some work to people to disfigure our countryside even more?