Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Politicians - Spinmeisters extraordinaire

"When the representative body have lost the confidence of their constituents, when they have notoriously made sale of their most valuable rights, when they have assumed to themselves powers which the people never put into their hands, then indeed their continuing in office becomes dangerous."
Thomas Jefferson

Richard North, EU Referendum, posts on Osborne's 'sleight of hand' in blaming Labour for the present price of energy bills, a post to which Restoring Britain also links. As Richard North so correctly states the Conservative Party voted for the Climate Change Act so it is a tad disingenuous for Osborne to attempt to lay the blame for that on Labour.

But of course, in keeping with politicians of all parties, truth is not a characteristic for which they are renowned. Let us look at the Conservative Party Manifesto 2010 which states:
"We’re in the process of drawing up Marine Conservation Zones which will safeguard large areas of our marine habitat for the first time."
a statement that was in effect repeated in The Coalition's retrospective manifesto "Our programme for government" (page 18).

But then of course all this policy presented as 'We' is complete lies and is not theirs but that of the EU. We need look no further than Council Regulation (EC) 2371/2002 on the conservation and sustainable exploitation of fisheries resources under the Common Fisheries Policy and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive 2008 to see where the policy is originated. With the latter, the Labour government agreed the final text of the Marine Framework Directive which determined the management of seas throughout the EU, including all seas under UK management and jurisdiction. By 2015 member states will be required to have developed strategies for their seas which deliver "good environmental status" which is defined in the Directive as meaning that biodiversity is maintained, all commercially exploited fish stocks are within safe biological limits both in terms of age and size, and that all elements of the marine food web are at normal abundance and diversity. These strategies required by the Directive must be in force by 2020.

These two examples illustrate how the political elite have made the people of this country the victims of propaganda, aided and abetted by the people who have not taken any interest in the practises of those they have elected - in other words they have become intellectually incompetent. In so doing they have created an ideal tyranny as it is one that is ignorantly self-administered by themselves and they have become the most perfect of slaves to their political servants in that they have blissfully enslaved themselves.

The state of our country, economically and socially, is therefore the fault of the people, not the politicians as by their ignorance the people have given the government the power to do what the hell it likes, although to be fair - in view of the present hoo-ha about Liam Fox and lobbyists - I suppose we do, at any one time, have the best government that money can buy. Politicians of all parties talk about the need for stable government - the problem is that they never tell us in advance how bad the stable will smell. As it is not the function of government to dictate to the people their standard of behaviour, but it is the function of the people to dictate to the government their standard of behaviour, perhaps we should disband the government and save ourselves a great deal of hassle.

Voltaire is credited with saying that the best government is a benevolent tyranny tempered by occasional assassination. I would counter that the best government is no government - and that can quite easily be achieved by mass assassination! An event followed, of course, by a change to a Swiss style of democracy incorporating "Referism" - but then I repeat myself...........


PeterCharles said...

Stable government is all very well and rightly to be desired. Unfortunately what we, and it should be admitted, most of the world, have is byre government producing nothing but bullshit.

TomTom said...

Belgium has no government and the caretaker PM is leaving for the OECD.

Belgium achieved this feat because the Vlaams Blok now Vlaams Belang is such a popular right wing party opposed to the Eu and wanting to split the country like the Czechs and Slovaks did.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC: Very true!

TT: Then maybe we should talk to the Vlaams and learn the secret of their success.....

IanPJ said...

I fear you are expending far too many words on what could simply be a 2 or 3 line post. Let's just call it like it is.

Coatlition Lie 254:
Marine Conservation Zones are not coalition policy, they are EU implementations.
Council Regulation (EC) 2371/2002 on the conservation and sustainable exploitation of fisheries resources under the Common Fisheries Policy and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive 2008

WitteringsfromWitney said...

IPJ: Ouch!