Thursday, 1 September 2011

A pack of fools lead by an even bigger fool

Who but fools, led by by an even bigger fool would manage to look foolish twice in one day?

A Public Relations Fiasco: On the day announcements are made that 2,500 people in our armed forces are being informed their services are no longer required, the even bigger fool, at a ceremony marking the transfer back to Brize Norton from Lynham of military repatriations, praises our armed service personnel with the words:
"I cannot stress enough the sacrifices they make for us and we cannot thank them enough for what they do. And we cannot say enough how proud we are of them and all that they do for our country."
Lies, damned lies (and no statistics: a cost/benefit analysis is constantly refused): Who but fools led by their even bigger fool would consider it normal behaviour to lie and thus mislead those they are meant to serve? The Bruges Group have just published a letter from David Lidington (Minister for Europe) to Philip Davies MP (Conservative:Shipley) in which he makes false - and thus untruthful - statements. One of these statements is a repetition of the lie that 3.5million jobs are reliant on exports to EU member states, with the Bruges Group stating that they find it surprising that a Conservative Minister is repeating that erroneous claim.

I don't find it surprising one little bit bearing in mind the even bigger fool lies - which must mean he is also content to allow his fools to lie and mislead. Not bad for a group of people who campaigned in 2010 on the need to clean up politics.


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