Saturday, 3 September 2011

Another musical interlude......

 In the very early 1960s an orchestra became very popular, one led by Bert Kaempfert who was a prolific composer and arranger. In this post I just wish to mention two of his compositions, both of which provided massive 'hits' for two vocalists.

The first, "Moon over Naples", when words were added, became a 'hit' for Al Martino with "Spanish Eyes".

My second choice is music he wrote for a film "A man could get killed", which starred James Garner, Melina Mercouri and other well-known actors. The film was notable in that it contained two theme tunes, the first reminiscent of "Never on Sunday", which is the one I have selected to show - however it was the second that provided a 'hit' for Frank Sinatra when again words were added, to become known as "Strangers in the Night".

Later, Kaempfert was to be surpassed in record sales by another orchestra leader with a similar style, who was also German by birth - but he will not be 'last' in the series, but next.

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