Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Facts & Figures = Deception

We all have to learn our 'trade' and when dealing with the public most employers ensure that we have some expertise and knowledge of a product or idea prior to our being 'let loose'. Not so it would appear where the Daily Telegraph is concerned, especially in relation to Sebastian Payne who we are informed is a data reporter (what ever the hell that is) and writes about facts and figures in a sensible way.

That the MSM is in the business of misinformation is well known, a talent that young Sebastian appears to have easily grasped in the manner of a duck taking to water. This young lad writes what I believe is termed a 'puff piece' playing down the importance of the European Union and the effect it has on our lives. Whilst acknowledging that a poll explained that voters do not particularly rate Europe as a pressing issue, we then get the 'throw-away' line: "though many of the higher-ranked matters are intrinsically linked to our continued alliance". He then continues:
"Only 10 per cent of voters cited Europe as an issue important to the country, ranking 8th – below the economy, crime and immigration to name a few. For issues important to individual voters, Europe ranks even lower, at 11th place with 8 per cent expressing a concern."
It doesn't appear to have crossed this young man's mind that problems with our economy, crime and immigration are directly related to our membership of the EU - and if it had crossed his mind, he conveniently forgets to mention it. Likewise, earlier in his piece he writes that during last week's PMQs Cameron stated (for the umpteenth time) that he did not see a case for an in/out referendum and that he believed Cameron had judged the public mood correctly; whilst not bothering to acknowledge that where the governance of this country is concerned it is the people who should be asked the specific question and that it is not one that an elected dictator should pre-empt.

Mind you, where the art of misinformation is concerned young Sebastian is in good company, namely that of Roger Helmer against whom Autonomous Mind has another 'pop' in a well-crafted dissection of both Helmer and the 'Useless Eustice Eurosceptics' group of Conservative MPs. On this subject of disinformation Guido Fawkes has a post, one in which if he deleted the word 'theory' would mean that his opinion of  this Useless Eustice movement would be 'bang on the money'.

It is disgraceful that our MSM, who should be informing the public whilst at the same time exposing the disingenuousness of our political elite, continue to avoid their true function - and the newspaper section of the MSM continue to wonder why their circulation figures fall? Where the politial elite and journalists are concerned, as I have said previously, it is virtually impossible to discern in whose pocket is who.

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