Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Boundary Commission Review (2)

Following my posting earlier with a link to the Boundary Commission Review, I have waited with almost baited breath for someone to mention something. I have yet to see that 'something' consequently:

From the Boundary Commission papers on each area:
"Our proposals are based on the nine regions used for European elections."
As one commenter has asked: why this is not a boundary review of England, but a review of the boundaries within each of the EU Regions of England? 

In other words is there something about this review that we are not being told?

Once again, just asking you understand?


Anonymous said...

Paranoia. If they were able to cross regional boundaries, can you imagine the problems? There's no conspiracy here. If you check the documents, and website, you'll notice they consulted to ask people if using Euro regions was acceptable.

Oldrightie said...

Mentioned on Oldrightie's rolling news. As for Anon, why was the question necessary anyway?

Nick said...

Anon. I was not asked! I have never been asked if I want political union with the E.E.C. I can almost smell the petrol, burning tires and political flesh. Be afraid. Be very afraid

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anon Yeah, right, just the same as all public consultations - (a) lack of publicity about them (b) how many on the internet would have bothered to view their website (c)have not checked but no doubt 'stakeholders' were also consulted?

As Or says: why was the question necessary in the first place?

Have you not learned anything about the EU? There is always a hidden reason for everything. It may not be apparent at the time or widely known, but it always surfaces in the end. And you accuse me of paranoia?

Or: exactly, see above

N: Agreed!