Friday, 30 September 2011

Ministers 'know nothing'

So asserts Mike Slade, the chief executive of Helical Bar and chairman of the Conservative Property Forum, whilst also describing Grant Shapps, the housing minister, as a “kid”.

It is a tad unfair of Mike Slade to single out Grant Shapps - although I heartily concur in that having met Shapps, I am of the opinion that besides being a 'kid', the man is an idiot - although unlike those in Brussels, Shapps is at least 'home-grown' and did manage to achieve the educational heights of an HND (Higher Natural Dipstick) obtained at Manchester Polytechnic - now up-graded to Manchester Metropolitan University.

But to highlight Shapps is as I say unfair, especially when he could have also included Cameron, Grayling, Clarke, Hammond - oh forget it, the whole bloody lot that dictate to us in the name of 'democracy'.

Once again, just saying....................

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