Thursday, 29 September 2011

The moulding of young minds

This report in the Daily Express should be of concern to any parent who has children at school, be they state or private. That education is an area in which the EU has the competence to carry out actions to support, co-ordinate or supplement the actions of Member States under the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) (Article 6e) means that whenever Brussels wishes to stick it's oar in, it can do.

I believe it correct that when, in schools, one particular political viewpoint is made it is obligatory that the alternative is also made - unless of course our elected dictators have managed to change this. To begin instilling political claptrap into the minds of a 5-year-old is surely taking matters to an unacceptable extreme and were I a parent I would want my child excluded - failing which I would promptly withdraw him/her from that school.

The burning question now arises is what our puppet-government will do should this become a directive or regulation from our masters in Brussels. The question has to be asked, when considering most EU 'initiatives' are discussed months before they become public, whether the decision taken in November last year to dismiss teaching staff who are members of BNP and other 'extremist groups' was a precursor to this latest idea from Brussels.

Regular readers will be only too aware that I believe our present collection of elected dictators are no different to any other dictator, elected or otherwise.

When considering the smugness and superiority captured on the face of this man, if you turn to history books of events across the channel 70 years ago it is possible to see similar expressions captured on the faces of a different race.

Afterthought: For any reader wanting an insight into "European Schools", see this post

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TomTom said...

To begin instilling political claptrap into the minds of a 5-year-old

You don't think that is already happening ? It is an Ideological State Apparatus to Indoctrinate on such State-Mandated Themes as a) Slavery b) Nazism c) Racism d) Green Issues

The use of these themes to mould consciousness into New Euro-Socialist Man has been going on for quite some time.

The A-Level Textbooks read like CSE Primers in so many areas in terms of content and layout. Just why do A-Level History books miss Slave Labour out of Second World War history ? Too much like exploited cheap labour in Modern Europe ?

Education is carried out in Schools designed to look like Offices and Factories; it is for battery hens and milking machines processing the Human Raw Material.

It is Factory-Based and nothing to do with what used to be called Education in the Classical Sense.

Processed Food - Processed People

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: I know, I know its already happening, I know the bloody curriculum is slanted.......

Let me have a little rant......? Please......? Pretty Please.....?

TomTom said...

Let me have a little rant......? Please......? Pretty Please.....?

I thought you were getting too complacent !!! :-D

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: Me complacent? Look, I may have taken the day off yesterday, but........

Ian said...

The main difference between nazism and EU fascism is that the former persecuted minorities to extinction, not majorities.

Edward Spalton said...

If you have the gift of the gab and a little time, might I suggest that people get in touch with CIVITAS who run an excellent schools' educational programme about the EU? It usually takes the form of talks and presentations to sixth forms.

Some schools are doing their best to give balanced information on the EU. Often this takes the form of a debate with initial presentations by (say) the European Movement and a Eurosceptic.

Pride goeth before a fall but, when I have done this, the final vote has always been for independence by large majorities (70 - 90%). This is the experience of other colleagues too.

On the last occasion, I spoke to a private girls' day school and the other side did not put up a champion.

Of course, the overwhelming weight of official material which schools receive comes from the EU side and most may simply be using this as the basis of "The European Dimension" in the curriculum - just as many schools have substituted official climate change/global warming indoctrination for the teaching of what used to be geography. It is worthwhile for parents to find out what their children are being taught. Schools are under a LEGAL OBLIGATION to present political matters in a balanced manner.

Indoctrination starts early. Over ten years ago (when it looked as if the euro might be introduced) I came across a play for Nursery School children where the Good Fairy went round giving children "fairy euros"!

It's no good just seething and grumbling about it. Above are two suggestions which activists could follow - if they wished to be active.

Anonymous said...

I was never a fan of the French revolution. But what it did was to remove from the gene pool, people who had the idea that they were superior by way of birth

Edward Spalton said...


And replaced those who thought they were superior by birth with those who knew that they were superior by intellect - and unleashed a reign of terror and war all over Europe for more than a generation.

I would recommend reading Burke on the subject - because he was around at the time and he had been favourable to the American colonists so he was not just a typical, reactionary, Tory humbug.

The French revolution was the spiritual begetter of the Bolshevik revolution which, in its various forms, murdered more people in one century than all the wars of religion laid end to end - and in the name of universal brotherhood - but that's clever people for you!

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Ian: Fair point.......

ES: I am amazed that it seems so many parents do not know what their children are taught, or if they do, say nothing.

We are a nation of robots - just what the political elite want!

Anonymous said...

Edward Spalton

Edmund Burke is one of my favourite reads.