Thursday, 29 September 2011

O Borne is a hero (not)

The Twittersphere has been in a frenzy today heaping praise on Peter Oborne who, during a Newsnight appearance, called a Brussels flunky "an idiot". While it is a pleasure to see a representative of those in Brussels called an idiot, it is worth remembering something that seems to have escaped the notice of those heaping praise on Oborne.

No doubt I am in a minority, other than Richard North over at EU Referendum and with whom I am in total agreement, but I would direct readers to two posts of mine here and here. That our standard of journalism is abysmal; that our so-called journalists, when writing what they would term articles of condemnation or criticism, do not nail their subject firmly to the floor is all too apparent.

Having ordered and read a copy of "The Guilty Men" I am seriously considering returning it to the author with the comment - to use his own words - "you're one of them".


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you mr Witney.
Oborne's pamphlet is nothing but Tory bullshit. As ever they are running with the Fox and chasing with the Hounds. It was not Tory EUsceptics who kept us out of the Euro. That honour should go to Sir James Goldsmith.

Tory EUsceptics are proving to be completely ineffective in halting the advance of the EU project.

Sadly Oborne's little book is all a part of the smoke and mirrors campaign being waged in an attempt to put UKIP out of business. Just imagine for a moment that UKIP was out of the game? The UK would then just bend over and take whatever the EU has in store for us!!

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anon: Thank you and totally agree with your comment!