Monday, 12 September 2011

The Conservative Party and 'Europe'

Much has appeared in the press and blogosphere about the 90 Conservative MPs and their meeting tonight to discuss how to dilute the effects of our membership of the EU without causing David Cameron too much of a problem.

Amongst those who have articles are: Lord Tebbit; David Davis; Bernard Jenkin; George Osborne; John Redwood; Your Freedom and Ours; and Douglas Carswell. The latter had obviously been reading the paper published by Open Europe yesterday as he is already putting forward the idea of Euro-Localism. Reading this latest paper by Open Europe only confirms Richard North's assertion that they are but a mouthpiece for Cameron's vision of our participation in the EU.

Helen, Your Freedom and Ours, wonders whether Hague is looking to the future, one where Cameron and Osborne are toast and he is the only 'leader left? Bearing in mind Hague's categorical statement (foot of article) that leadership in the future was not on the cards one might say that idea is a non-starter. However, knowing that 'U' turns are all the vogue Cameron at present, Helen's thoughts may not be that far out.

Autonomous Mind has suggested that the term 'Eurosceptic' is now outmoded and that 'Europlastic' is more in keeping with the present stance of Conservative MPs. Might I suggest that for any politician who believes in the subjugation of our nation through rule from abroad, the term 'Euroturd' might be more pertinent?


john in cheshire said...

Is it accurate to conclude that Mr Cameron now acts as the equivalent to a Gauleiter in the EU regime?

Anonymous said...

I did attempt to comment, using my Google account, but nothing happens.
lower down I commented but used "anonymouse" and it worked. Is there a reason that you are aware of? I only ask as yours is a site of frequent visits.

Derek Buxton

TomTom said...

Is it accurate to conclude that Mr Cameron now acts as the equivalent to a Gauleiter in the EU regime?

As a Member of The European Council I understood that to be his official role

cosmic said...

What do we have? A group of MPs wanting to debate our relationship to the EU in terms of weakening the links in some way, but ruling out withdrawal and a referendum.

Just a repackaging of the myth the Tories have dealt in for years, that there's some sort of compromise position on the EU, involving repatriating powers, but never explaining how it's to be done, or making the least attempt to do it. Their actions have pointed to something quite different.

Europlastics is a good name for them.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: I believe TT has answered that question!

Anon/DB: Sorry, haven't a clue.... If Anon works carry on and include your name? Not that IT savvy, ye ken?

TT: As ever you hit the nail on the head - see above.

c: you may well think that, personally I prefer my latest suggestion: Euroturd........

cosmic said...

Europlastics is best. It's not smutty, which makes it easier unless the smutty option is hilariously funny, it fits and it appears to be gaining some traction. It's far better that they be successfully labelled with something derogatory rather than that they get away with labelling themselves Eurosceptics and degrade the term.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

c: Ok you win plastics it is.