Sunday, 18 September 2011

"Useless Eustice" Group - Mark II?

The Guardian reports that there is a growing revolt amongst MPs across all parties, according to Dan Byles (Conservative: North Warwickshire), against HS2. The newspaper also reports something that has been known for some time, namely that Cheryl Gillan, secretary of state for Wales, MP for Chesham and Amersham, one of the affected constituencies, has pledged to defy the party whip and oppose the project - which would of course cost her ministerial position.

I have posted many times on the subject of HS2 (probably to the point of boredom), the last time being here, with various links, showing the connection to the Trans European Network (Transport) programme. That the likes of Byles, Gillan, Hurd and others apparently ignore, or are unaware of, the EU influence in the development of this line brings into question their suitability to hold the office they do.

Of course it would be remis not to pass comment on yet another shining example of what passes for journalism, namely the mere reporting of  of political spin without showing the slightest inclination to check the background. As Autonomous Mind posts, it would seem this newspaper is far more interested in preserving what is left of it's reputation than allow itself to report on a subject that both they and the political elite have decided is a non-subject (European Union and associated matters).

As with Useless Eustice and his collection of faux eurosceptics, so might this collection of rebels be being formed for the same purpose, namely to divert the public's attention, in this case from the real reason why the line is being built. That Cameron will not have spoken to Gillan, in view of her ministeral position, about her reported opposition cannot be in doubt, likewise that Gillan more than likely assured him it was just a case of 'keeping up appearances', with her in the starring role rather than Patricia Routledge.

That the faux-Conservative Party should have faux-eurosceptics and faux-antiHS2ers should come as 'faux' surprise to anyone.


john in cheshire said...

I don't want HS2 to be approved. Do I think it will be cancelled, even if there is overwhelming opposition to it? No.
I also suspect that once it has been approved, there will be moves to build a tunnel (or even a bridge) from Scotland, or maybe Wales to Ireland, to extend this white elephant to the extremities of the Unholy EU Empire.

PeterCharles said...

The thing everyone, especially the MSM, seems to be missing is that it is conference season. We can be almost certain that in another month all will go completely silent on these matters once again.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: Don't joke like that about a tunnel Anglesey to Ireland..... Behave, pleaseS!

PC: The point had not escaped me, neither your conclusion!