Saturday, 10 September 2011

Farage at Eastbourne

With thanks to CallingEngland comes a video of Nigel Farage's address, yesterday, to the Ukip Conference:

I understand one or two new policies are due to be announced, with amendments to existing policies, something long overdue. Now all they have to do is get their administation and presentation on to an acceptable and professional level, at which point they might just begin to make an impression.


Anonymous said...

Hit all the right spots for me WfW.

It's getting the message out that matters - I suppose that's up to us.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are looking forward to a new kind of politics - one in which the new politicians are irrelevant, and merely decorative pieces in Westminster, for tourists to London.

john in cheshire said...

Nigel Farage is an exceptional speaker and I always find it a pleasure to listen to him. I just hope that he and his team are able to now walk the walk, because I am sick of people promising things that they have no intention of delivering. UKIP may be our last hope.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

BJ: Yup the soundbites are there alright, it is what follows that I have worries about. This latest idea for an English parliament may well pull in a few Eng Dems, but as I posted, do we really want more politicians and 'crats? Really?

DP111 & jic: See above,. Ukip are not our last hope, the people are and if they can be bothered to get off their @rses the country will be saved!