Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Take a hike!

Mark Steyn writing on SteynOnline:
"Fourteen-year-old Codie Stott asked her teacher at Harrop Fold High School whether she could sit with another group to do her science project as in hers the other five pupils spoke Urdu and she didn’t understand what they were saying. The teacher called the police, who took her to the station, photographed her, fingerprinted her, took DNA samples, removed her jewelry and shoelaces, put her in a cell for three and a half hours, and questioned her on suspicion of committing a Section Five “racial public-order offence.” “An allegation of a serious nature was made concerning a racially motivated remark,” declared the headmaster, Antony Edkins. The school would “not stand for racism in any form.” In a statement, Greater Manchester Police said they took “hate crime” very seriously, and their treatment of Miss Stott was in line with “normal procedure."
This article is a must-read piece in that it exposes the ridiculousness of the laws now practised within society, one which can be laid at the door of the policy of multiculturalism coupled with the fact that we are now in the grip of an enemy whose hold on our society grows daily. The enemy to which I refer is of course those of the leftie-pc-socialcensoring brigade who believe that only their view is the acceptable one.

In my early years of life plain speaking was the norm and people either accepted your views, were prepared to debate them - or, to coin a phrase, 'took a hike'. It seems to me the sooner we return to that standard the better - it might put a few quangos, bureaucrats and lawyers out of work, but hey, that may not be such a bad outcome.

As Steyn says:
".. if you let them take your right to free speech, how are you going to stop them from taking all the others."


John Burns said...

That particular event goes back to 2066 and was reported by the Daily Mail here.

It was still a stupid response by the school though.

TomTom said...


There is more to this than meets the eye, and it reflects badly on our totalitarian society and its Witchfinders

WitteringsfromWitney said...

JB: I think you have a typo there, but we will overlook that. I am well aware of the story and its date. that was not the point of the post.

TT: Thanks for the link - very interesting read.

There is as you say more than meets the eye and it is directly related to the point I made about 'the enemy'

microdave said...

I remember something vaguely similar occurring in a food processing factory, where the bulk of the employees were of various Eastern European nationalities. A local person tried to get work, and was refused unless she learned to speak Czech, Polish or whatever!!!

Quite apart from the obvious PC lunacy in either case, what about the safety aspect? That was the reason given in my example - how can a pupil be expected to remain safe in a science lesson if he/she can't understand what's going on?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

md: Yup, remember that and others only too well!

Re your last para: ah, but pc rules, forget common sense etc.....