Saturday, 24 September 2011

What do the people matter?

We are read today that:

John Redwood posts on 6 forthcoming economic measures, only 2 of which will apply to the UK. Stating that these new proposals wish to tighten the surveillance, and give the EU more say over the UK’s economic policy and that this has to be settled in the UK Parliament; Redwood also believes it should be one of the main items debated in elections if we are to be a democracy, which begs the question if it has to be settled in Parliament and to be one of the main items debated in elections then should not those elections come first?

There is a call in Ireland for yet another referendum on further Treaty changes, yet Taoiseach Enda Kenny said last March it was the Government’s view that a referendum would not be necessary in Ireland to endorse EU treaty changes being put in place to avert future budgetary crises. As these measures will affect everyone in Ireland, again should not the people be asked whether or not they agree?

Chris Bryant has begun a second career as a writer for the Independent and in this article he makes plain he believe in the total subjugation of the UK to the EU. It could be said that Bryant has designs on becoming an 'Independent Queen' as only such an aspirant could paraphrase another 'Literary Queen',Oscar Wilde, when writing about Europe. As with EU where no political cost/benefit analysis has ever been offered and thereby the belief that our best interests are served by being a member of the EU, so with his assertion that the last government's smoking ban in public places probably saved the lives of many; on neither subject has Bryant put forward any evidence - neither have the people been asked for their agreement.

On the Coffee House Fraser Nelson posts on the increasing likelihood that a further £400billion quantitive easing will be carried out. If there are to be cuts then, as Nelson points out, why should some areas be considered sacrosanct? Simplistic question it may be, but if the people are to suffer for the errors of politicians should not the people have a voice in where cuts are to be made?

We have obviously reached a 'roadblock' in our democracy, whereby politicians wish to ignore and disregard us and we just as obviously wish to ignore and disregard the politicians. On the basis the first has allowed politicians to make a right mess of our society, perhaps it is time we attempted to make a right mess of their society.


Woodsy42 said...

"again should not the people be asked whether or not they agree?"

What a novel idea!

Anonymous said...

Quote: so with his assertion that the last government's smoking ban in public places probably saved the lives of many..

Only to die a lonely death in a hospital corridor.

But is there any evidence for the number of deaths that have NOT occurred? Can such evidence be ever found. If not, then any policy on any issue can be said to have saved a number of lives. For instance, making energy for heating homes expensive using the fraudulent AGW hypothesis to raise taxes, it can be claimed that many lives have been saved. No one can prove the assertion, though it is manifestly absurd.

TomTom said...

Do read how Chris Bryant got the job. His friendship with Evgeny, son of Slugger Lebedev, Proprietor

WitteringsfromWitney said...

W42: But then most novel ideas are ridiculed, are they not?

DP111: I am fed up with vague statements issued by politicians that have no facts. In any event as we all know statistics can be made to produce whatever the statistician wants.

TT: Yup, but isn't that how the world goes round, unfortunately? Whether it can ever be stopped is another question!