Saturday, 17 September 2011

Saturday 17th September 2011

My apologies for lack of post today - to be rather blunt, I was just not in the mood to write. I sat down to watch "You've Got Mail" for the nth time, the closing scene being overlayed by the soundtrack of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" sung by Harry Nilsson. It is one of the songs from an album Nilsson recorded in 1973 at the De Lane Lea Studios in London and features pre-second World War II favourites. It is an unusual album (A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night) as every song is linked by a fragment of a song you've just heard, or are about to hear - very clever arranging by Gordon Jenkins who also conducted the orchestra.

The recording session was filmed by the BBC and the whole session is available on youtube, for those interested. As a flavour of the album I have selected two tracks; the first, "What'll I do" is unavailable on video as the only version is damaged, but it can be hear here (plays in pop-up window); the second is "Making Whoopee" and the video is a section from the aforementioned BBC programme.

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