Monday, 5 September 2011

Roger Helmer (2)

I join Autonomous Mind in that I too appear to have stirred Roger Helmer into 'faux indignation' at my comments in this post, one in which I referred to the 'castigation' he received from AM and in turn lent my support, condemning Helmer for his attack on Nikki Sinclair.

Helmer has commented:
"I have been absolutely clear that Britain should leave the EU, so at least we agree on that. You must allow me to differ on the best way to propomte [sic] that cause. And as I have said so often, it would be nice if more eurosceptics could turn their fire on the EU, rather than on other eurosceptics."
to which I have responded:
"Roger, you are either in our out on the subject of EU membership. As a signatory to the BOO campaign acceptance of repatriation and the rest of the smokescreen that is being put up by your Leader leads one to believe that you too are sitting on the fence.

The fact that you consider yourself a eurosceptic, when that term has been high jacked by those who would appear to accept partial membership, shows as far as I am concerned your beliefs to be questionable. In any event, the fact that Bill Cash now labels eurosceptics as eurorealists stretches the position of those like him and you even further.

If you really believe that "it would be nice if more eurosceptics could turn their fire on the EU, rather than on other eurosceptics", then how come you turn your fire on Nikki Sinclair, a renowned anti-EU MEP? 'Double standards'? But hey, I forgot you are a Conservative so double standards is 'par for the course', isn't it - a characteristic you have inherited from your Leader?

If you find yourself in the company of those whose beliefs you find unacceptable, then the obvious course of action is to get up and leave. If you are, as you maintain, an 'outer', then surely you have only one course of action and that is to leave a political party whose views you are diametrically opposed to.

But then politics is now a career, isn't it and bears no relation to representing the views of those who elected you. Coupled with which, the manifesto on which you stood has been shown to be nothing but a sham and a lie - yet another reason why a man of principle would walk away.
Roger Helmer is another 'Pushmi-Pullyu' politician, methinks..........


john in cheshire said...

What I would like to see is a caucus of MPs who openly and transparently work for our withdrawal from the EU. With deeds, since words are too cheap and to be honest we've had a surfeit of words on just about every subject that is destroying our country. The day I see such grouping emerge in the HoC, regardless of party affiliations, which openly demonstrates its desire for withdrawal from the EU, is the day I'll believe any MP actually wants us to be out of this dreadful institution.

Edward Spalton said...

There is absolutely no point in any pro-independence campaigner "turning his fire on the EU".

There is absolutely nothing we campaigners can do to the EU. It is a massive misdirection of effort. A headline like "Up your, Delors!" might have made us feel better once but it did not affect M. Delors nor a single comma of any treaty. The EU only has power over us because our politicians gave it to them - and Mr. Cameron is doing so at an accelerating rate.

The ONLY targets are the Members of Parliament and other politicians and officials who, by active support of the EU or by acquiescence to its sovereignty over us, give their first loyalty to that foreign power. It is the home grown Vichyites, particularly in Parliament, who are our country's most deadly foes.

I would have thought that would have been obvious to Roger, who has had plenty of time to consider things from the longer perspective of Brussels.

There is no way of negotiating from within the EU. The treaty structure is set up to prevent anything happening to reverse "ever closer union". The process of"linkage", which Roger has described very well, would mean that we would have to offer something to every single EU Member state in exchange for any alteration of the treaties.

Our enemies are people who talk like us, look like us and dress like us whilst ,like Cameron,Clegg, Miliband and their followers , give their loyalty to a foreign power in spite of their solemn Privy Council Oaths to the contrary.

The enemy is here amongst us, not in Brussels.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic there are some, Kelvin Hopkins,Austin Mitchell? Problem is they are not in any effective 'group'

ES: Agree completely, especially with you comment that the enemy is within us......