Friday, 30 September 2011

You've 'bin' had

So The Fat Controller - aka Eric Pickles - has announced that £250million has been set aside to pay local authorities to revert to weekly bin collections. This has to be the biggest 'Con' ever put over on the people of this country by the Con Party.

Not only do we pay for the privilege of an outlandish policy based on unfounded 'scientific' data which means we have inflated energy bills, but this numpty, who was born in Yorkshire - not one of the best efforts that Richard North's county of residence has produced; and therefore on a par where William Hague is concerned - but now 'sits' on his big fat arse in Essex, wants us to pay extra for something we also previously had.

Only last June we read in the Independent:
"But the Communities Secretary was eating his words yesterday after the Government executed a U-turn over its promise to ensure that rubbish would be picked up weekly from every address in the country. The retreat came because of the cost of bringing back weekly rounds – estimated at more than £100m – and fears that the move would hit recycling levels. Ministers concluded it was not possible to force councils, half of which have some form of fortnightly collection, into line. Mr Pickles looked on impassively as the Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman announced the U-turn in the Commons. But the package of measures fell well short of meeting the Tories' promise in opposition to restore weekly rounds....."
so we have yet another 'U' turn, only this time, one most definitely at our expense. Somewhere along the line this money has to be found either from taxation or an increase in Council Tax. A similar view of this subject is expressed by Angry Exile on Orphans of Liberty - although I would take issue with one statement:
"Still, as I say most current politicians are fiercely statist even if they don’t think of themselves as such..."
Oh c'mon AE, of course politicians think of themselves as statist and they know damn well they are - that is their entire raison-d'être!


TomTom said...

Not quite. The Local Authorities have blackmailed Whitehall into coughing up cash to pay the fines that Whitehall agreed with the EU.

The fact that Supermarkets face No punishment for excessive packaging but Custiomers do as ratepayers is part of the corrupt political system.

The bulk of food waste is from supermarkets not households. They skip so much but offload costs onto Customers who pay twice a) for waste factored into shelf prices b) landfill tax as ratepayers.

This policy is back-to-front with Producers evading responsibility and putting ever smaller contents in ever bigger packages for Customers to pay for and dispose of.

German legislation makes Retailers responsible for Waste and packaging can be handed in at the Checkout. Why is Britain so out of step ? Corporate Sugar Daddies at Party Conferences ?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT Interesting re Germany and packaging.....

Yes, I do appreciate we pay twice too.

Not too sure if this £250mn is 'ring-fenced' or not - probably not!