Monday, 26 September 2011

Blue is the colour

It has been maintained for yonks now that there is little to differentiate between the Lib/Lab/Con and their individual political creeds, all of which seem to be based on an undying love of the European Union and the belief that it is possible to spend money that they don't have.

Whether it is because of the deepening gloom on the economic front; the fact that they have not been able to skim off even more public money to fund their lifestyles; or finally, whether they have all decided to support Chelsea, but this year it seems that most definitely Blue Is The Colour!

(Ok, so we havent yet seen the Tory stage but unless they have changed their core strategy of misleading the British public it is bound to feature the colour blue.)

Now, bearing in mind there is bugger all to choose between them and that coalitions seem all the rage, it is extremely difficult to decide who is singing this to whom:

Blue Boy, thats what they call me, 'cause I'm so lonely since I lost you,
Blue Boy, I'll be a Blue Boy, until you need me as I need you,


microdave said...

Er, "Delivering WHAT for Britain"???

TomTom said...

Do you recall the Pirandello Play "Six Characters in Search of an Author" ? That is British Politics...there are lots of actors but no real script.

They are floating out there completely detached from everyday is quite bemusing....they might as well be floating in outer space

Bill said...

The Tories are going to for a blue and yellow colour shcheme this year to show us we are at the heart of Europe but 'cleverly' they won't mention Europe once during their entire conference.

Who other than the MSM types and the brain dead party 'faithful' pays any attention to these end of season shows?

Present company excepted from the brain dead party faithful tag WFW!

The thing I cannot understand is who funds these things as all parties are allegedly broke or near broke?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

md: Servitude and hell.

TT: Never seen it but know the plot roughly........

Bill: Conferences are of course for the faithful and brainwashed - there may well be one or two curious there......

Who pays for them? Well..........