Friday, 30 September 2011

The Agenda for the "Conservative" Party Conference

This is the home page of the Conservative Party website; and the agenda for their 2011 conference has been published here.

Two points:
  • I am unable to find any statement on the Conservative Party website setting out their core beliefs or political creed;
  • Can anyone name one of the stated topics for discussion/debate in which the EU does not share competence - especially the last item at 14:30 on Wednesday 5th October?
And the Conservative Party is a 'Eurosceptic' Party?
Just asking.............


TomTom said...

Conservative Party is another Terminus Party awaiting cremation. It has no purpose but has emerged from the ruins of its own policy in the past simply because of the ineptitude of its rivals and War.

This time it will not. It is disintegrating; it is a City Party whose sole function is to look after financial interest groups and it does so visibly and ardently.

Never before have Voters faced financial wipeout as they do today. The destruction of savings, pensions, livelihoods is now pre-programmed yet banker bonuses are underwritten by taxpayer funds.

That alone ensures the death of the Conservative Party because destruction of the Middle Class is integral to its policies. The full horror is yet to unfold

Anonymous said...

The German constitutional court has stated that Germany will not be a party to a fiscal union and nor will there be any further German funding to save the euro. Without Germany it's game over for the eurozone and the repercussions will be enormous. Meanwhile at the useless Tories conference our "statesmen" will be making speeches about tweaking the NHS, weekly bin collections and the use of plastic bags. Unless the Tories promise to take us out of the EU then there is no point watching the conference; we would be better off listening to the real news coming from Europe.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT Can't fault anything in that!

Anon: Which is why I won't be watching either!

TomTom said...

nor will there be any further German funding to save the euro.

Don't know which Verfassungsgericht you are thinking of, but the German one said NOTHING of the kind. It said the Treasury Committee of the Bundestag must be consulted about further funding.

The vote was not simply to increase German share of the ESM to 211 Billion Euros - there was an additional 20% Contingency Reserve authorised at the same time