Sunday, 18 September 2011

A sort of similarity

The BBC produces a purported 'comedy' programme "Mock The Week", a programme begun in 2005.

For heaven knows how many decades politicians have been running a similar, but deadly, programme called "Mock The Weak".

And we complain about the Licence Fee..........?

Can we get a sense of proportion here, please? 

Just a suggestion............


MockTheLeft said...

The TV program has generally been swamped with failed lefty "comedians" pouring out their "Tories eat babyz" diatribe each week and very little comedic value.

Like a lot of Beeb output it is tired looking, left wing and ready for the bin.

TomTom said...

Like a lot of Beeb output it is tired looking

Same with newspapers...look today at comment on Berlin State Election in papers - no mention of new party - Pirate Party - as protest vote getting 9%.....clearly they are afraid of new parties here challenging the Establishment

The System Press and State Media have a very Soviet-style output and the BBC is locked in a 1970s Soviet-retro time-warp

WitteringsfromWitney said...

MTL: Same goes for the poli's programme......... :)

TT: Don't lets start on standards of the MSM otherwise I could be here all day!