Monday, 12 September 2011

Not another vision of Conservatism, please!

Following David Cameron's bastardisation of the Conservative Party and 90 MPs also wishing to redefine the party's attitude to 'Europe', we now have Elizabeth Truss and 6 others (amongst whom are rumoured to be Kwasi Kwarteng and Chris Skidmore) writing a book which supposedly sets out what they wish to term "a distinctly modern Conservative agenda" and one which Ms. Truss believes will return David Cameron to Downing Street after the next election.

Ms. Truss must be blind and well as brainless if she believes that this idea will transform our nation whilst we remain a member of the EU from whence the majority of our laws now emanate. Neither does it help her idea that in wishing to see Cameron back in Downing Street she denies the fact that Cameron is no different to Heath in his love of the EU. Ms. Elizabeth is most certainly in a 'truss' and one in which most Conservative MPs are also ensnared due to their obvious desire to promote their individual careers at the expense of  the nation's future.

It is worth noting that Elizabeth Truss was one of Cameron's 'A list candidates, so presumably she feels that she owes him a favour by opening her mouth -  rather than, bearing in mind her 'history', anything else...........


Sue said...

Bloody hell!

They're all at it! What with Osborne and his submissive side and obviously a thing for black dominatrixes(?) (I'd love to see him locked in a cage with a gag in his mouth), they're all bonking each other!

We really do need shot of them all. Every single career politician.

We need to start fresh. We need to get back to basic democracy.

James Higham said...

She'll go the way of Nadine Dorries.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Sue: Of course they're all at it - they're bloody politicians, was it never thus?

JH: And that is.....?