Tuesday, 6 September 2011

What a waste!

The Daily Telegraph reports that the UK must invest £8bn to deal with waste or risk EU fines, something that the blogosphere in the shape of Richard North and (praise be) the Guardian were reporting in 2006.

Raedwald earlier this year updated a post he wrote in 2008 which shows that we extract more from the ground than we could infill - were we not constrained by orders from Brussels.

Back to the Telegraph article:

"Jamie Reed MP, Shadow Minister for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, said: "Rubbish is a resource we can't afford to squander by burying in the ground. More infrastructure is needed to deal with our waste, not only so we can use this valuable source of energy and materials, but also, so that we avoid paying millions of pounds in landfill tax and EU fines."
This projected cost, one purely to satisfy some 'enviro' mentalists, is something we cannot afford so would someone attempt to instill a tad of logic into the pea-sized brains of Reed and other MPs before I shoot them?

Your call.......................


Bill said...

Jamie Reed is one of our local MP's. Two are labour nutters, Reed included and the other a limp dumb so it is no surprise at all to see him looking at this from entirely the wrong angle.

Refraining from sweary type wordage is difficult when discussinbg this cretins but perhaps a mildly sweary 'wankers' is allowed?

Assuming it is allowed... These three wankers
Reed, Woodcock and Farron are Euro lovers. They all seek to drag in Euro funding to Cumbria no matter what strings are attached and then piss it up the wall on totally useless initiatives such as 'Britain's Energy Coast' aka the biggest gathering of windfarms off any single stretch of coast in the UK, bstards, and numerous half built industrial parks amongst all manner of smaller wastes of cash that taken together probably eclipse the spending on the windfarms.

I want to see local people telling the government in Brussels to quietly go and stick their heads up their backsides but there isn't a hope in hell of that happening.

The only solution I can see short of a mass execution of politicos, metaphorically or otherwise, is for we the people to set up our own form of people power government and take over the town halls one by one sacking the civil servants and then re-e mploying them on new I serve the people contracts to get them to dismantle everything except the necessary (which is arrived at by a public consensus) and then sack themselves.

Avoiding landfill fines is not the problem that needs solving. It is the removal of the EU from this green and pleasant land that is the problem.
The liblabcon are to a man and woman EU lovers and trough gobblers. They have to go, they really do.

Again WFW if there is too much sweary in this I apologise please delete all some of it as you see fit. It is your gaff and your rules but people like Reed ARE the problem that needs dealing with today not tomorrow.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

b: On the language front, you're still within limits......

"Avoiding landfill fines is not the problem that needs solving. It is the removal of the EU from this green and pleasant land that is the problem."

That is what I thought I had intimated......?

And yes, you're suggestion is well worth consideration !

Bill said...

WFW indeed it was what you intimated. Like you I am growing increasingly fed up the way things are just existing in limbo.
I'm done with limbo to be perfectly honest. I just find myself getting more angry and that in is not good as anger destroys thought and brings rash action closer to hand.

Following The Slog it is clear that something is about to crack in the European union. I am hoping it is going to be the total collapse of the European Union and a return to nation states before Christmas 2011.
But that still leaves us with the problem of the liblabcon.

Wish I had an effective non violent answer to that particular problem but try as I might I cannot find one.

Woodsy42 said...

Nothing to do with landfill or 'fines' of course. Landfill 'fines'were part of the advance movement for the establishment of direct EU taxation.

NewsboyCap said...


Slightly OT, over a 13ths place a mention of a gathering of Westmonster Bubble backslappers Oct. 15th.
Hows about your good self or Dr. North organise a 'Stony Stratford' type get together at the same place and time to let these 'Euro-Sceptic' numpties know what real AntiEU is really about.
We could even pay to attend and "commandeer" the meeting to get the point across in a more rigorous style... maybe.

TomTom said...

Hi-jack thread again !

Now that Karlsruhe has permitted the Bailout to go ahead it is interesting to read in the blogs the following reference to the German Constitution......

Art 20 (4)

Article 20 [Basic institutional principles; defense of the constitutional order]

(1) The Federal Republic of Germany is a democratic and social federal state.

(2) All state authority is derived from the people. It shall be exercised by the people through elections and other votes and through specific legislative, executive, and judicial bodies.

(3) The legislature shall be bound by the constitutional order, the executive and the judiciary by law and justice.

(4) All Germans shall have the right to resist any person seeking to abolish this constitutional order, if no other remedy is available.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

B: Yup, rage does affect logic - but hey what is the choice when one is ignored?

W42: Good point and may well be true.

nb: Spotted that and an idea is forming........

TT: You highjack all you want - have just posted on that......