Monday, 26 September 2011

What a tangled web we weave

when first we practise to deceive.

David Cameron appears to have a small problem with his promise to renegotiate powers from Brussels as it has been confirmed that the Liberal Democrats will not allow that process to be attempted, even were it possible - so the opportunity for any compromise is obviously nil and one could paraphrase by saying "never the Swayne shall meet".
"Yesterday, Tory MP Desmond Swayne, a senior aide to the Prime Minister, admitted anyone expecting the Government to hasten Britain’s “escape” from the EU should SDHpabandon [sic] hope – because of the pro-EU Liberal Democrats. The comments were in an email allegedly sent by the MP to a UKIP constituent who took him to task over the Tories’ failure to deliver a referendum on Europe. Mr Swayne wrote: “This Coalition includes the most pro-European of all political parties, Nick Clegg began as an MEP, his ­enthusiasm is undiminished. “Anyone who believes that this government can expedite our escape from the EU is living in a world of illusion. Sorry. DS.” Mr Swayne declined to comment if the email was sent by him, saying his emails were “private”."
Which just goes to show how useless is the group headed by Eustice and how useless is his party and the man who heads it.


Bill said...

I have no problem with the government staying in the EU. They are welcome to it.
We the people have to jettison the government. As Clarkson would say 'How hard can it be?'

IPJ reckons they are all heading to the bunkers tomorrow because the sun is spitting out some charged particles which MAY hit the earth and MAY cause worldwide disruption and damage to our electrics, at best and worst case it will kill every living thing on earth.

But what an opportunity. Superglue all the locks and if by some 'allah be praised' miracle the solar flare misses us or the electrics wobble a bit then we will be rid of the really nasty part of the parasite class in one fell swoop.

I'm off to B&Q!

Adam R. said...

Whenever there is a headline like "Stocks and commodities rebound on hopes of economic plan" I read it as "Debt inducing bailout plan makes commodities more expensive because the traders on the exchange floors are morons who see it as the greatest thing ever".

The news of and action towards bailout plans inevitably end in the failure that drive stock prices down. I have no problem with the lower commodities, though.

TomTom said...

David Cameron was taken prisoner and held in furry handcuffs

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Bill: Nice idea and I hope you enjoyed B&Q.......

AR: Methinks they are not that moronic.......? One at least isn't!

TT: Yup!