Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Hague - Foreign Secretary?

Peter Oborne has an article in the Daily Telegraph online, one that will presumably appear in Saturday's print edition of the newspaper, entitled "After years of shameful neglect, William Hague has restored the Foreign Office to its proper dignity". Commenting on the changes that Hague has introduced, mainly in procedures and the raising of the FO's profile - a subject on which I am unable to comment, but one that Charles Crawford as an ex-diplomat would be so qualified - my only comment and criticism of this article is that it illustrates journalism at its worst, which bearing in mind the journalist concerned is only to be expected.

Oborne writes:
"The Foreign Secretary has also regained control over foreign policy itself."
Err, as a member of the European Union do we not have a High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Baroness Ashton of Upholland, who has just set up at great cost Embassies throught the world; and who is, in effect Foreign Policy Chief. Did not Joao Vale de Almeida, installed as EU Ambassador to the United States, not famously state that in his area code, he should be called first, whilst insisting that he did not wish to impose himself on member states' ambassadors, who will continue to oversee "bilateral matters." but where a common position existed, he was the one leading the show?

Hague may have the title of Foreign Secretary just as Cameron has the title Prime Minister - unfortunately neither possess the full powers of either post. They both may throw their weight around, now and again, but then who actually pays attention.....................

A tad misinformative Mr. Oborne, if I may say so.


Anonymous said...

I used to have some respect for Oborne - he's now completely lost it WfW.

And having read his material in the past - books and newspapers - I simply don't buy into this; the man's been bought.

Stuart said...

This is my comment to Oborne's article just in case they remove it:

The foreign office is just our regional offices for our delegate to the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs. In the same way that our Supreme Court is our regional supreme court but can be over ruled by the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights. The EU is taking over our foreign affairs, so in fact Mr Oborne, William Hague is our pretend Foreign Minister. What has happened to you man? Are you told what to write these days?

Maybe you should start by reading the DT:

The EU is creating its' own military and foreign policy is ultimately backed up by military action. This is the slow motion coup de etat of our nation so often refered to by Christopher Booker. But then Mr Oborne, you are employed to deceive the British people and you obviously voluntarily accept that role. How much are they paying you for your treachery?

TomTom said...

Is Oborne an alcoholic or am I confusing him with Bruce Anderson ? Having just heard Ed Conway as Sky Economics Correspondent and former Telegraph Economics Editor spout more rubbish and discovering he has an English degree from Pembroke College, I despair of journos.

They are ignorant at best and simply organ grinders' monkeys at best. Their coverage on Libya has been universally dire and it is clear they are being spoon-fed propaganda in their hotel rooms by helpful Ministry of Truth types from London

The Barclay Bros. have trashed every newspaper they have touched from The European onwards. They are talentless proprietors

WitteringsfromWitney said...

BK: Of course hae has been bought - by the DT and the political elite now that he has to cozy up to them!

S: How much Oborne being paid? Far, far too much and paid he most surely is!

TT: Cannot agree more - in fact the entire MSM are a bunch of teat-sucking, brain-dead, copy'npaste merchants! To see what happens when they try to think, go read Oborne's piece again!

john in cheshire said...

Billy the Pig restored dignity. Yeah, right.