Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Fourth Dimension - it has arrived!

A cross-post from The Grumpologist:
"He sighed as he straightened his tie. Life for an actor used to be such a simple and rewarding experience. All he used to do was learn the lines, memorise the scenes and stage directions, then work through the script. After a short period of a few hours came the finale and the pretence was over. The actors returned to their normal personality and the audience left, hopefully satisfied with the entertainment.

This gig was so much harder. All the dialogue had to be improvised. Of course the writers and directors had sketched out multiple scenarios for each scene and he had spent months learning cues and potential responses and making sure he understood how the scene could always be steered to the correct outcome. Every scene had to be controlled and manipulated by the actors so that no matter what improvised route was taken through the scene the outcome always supported the main plot. In addition the important messages must always get through to the audience. What was worse was having no set end to the play, it continued indefinitely until the audience became bored and restive, merging the part into and taking over his real life.

But at least the pay and perks were excellent he thought, as he strolled out into the auditorium and joined the other world presidents and prime ministers for the summit."
 A brilliant summation of our political scenario and politicians today!

TG may consider it a bit of 'sillyness' - it is not! It is a perfect summation of what politics and our politicians have become - bit-part players in the EU play, a play based on a dream!

One day the people will wake up - then we take Westminster! (to paraphrase Leonard Cohen!)

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