Sunday, 14 August 2011

Pushmi-Pullyu MPs

I am certain readers will remember the Push-Me-Pull-You from “Dr. Doolittle” - or, to use its correct spelling, the Pushmi-Pullyu. The notable feature of this animal is that from whatever angle it is viewed, the mouth was always at the arse-end.

We all know also that elected to the House of Commons are a number of asses, however it appears we have also elected some Pushmi-Pullyus - in other words MPs who have the ability to face both ways simultaneously whilst being able to speak using another orifice.

The latest example of this political animal is Angela Eagle, Labour's Shadow Transport minister, who has been giving us the benefit of her thoughts on the latest proposal to be published by the European Union, which it is reported, would result in a 50% increase in rail fares. In the Mail article, Anna Eagle is reported as being horrified to discover the 'user pays' proposal in the Paper and condemned the Brussels plan as 'barmy'; whilst continuing:
"Now, this barmy EU plan risks pricing people off the railways altogether, adding to the congestion on Britain's roads."
Is this the same Angela Eagle who has voted strongly for more EU integration? 
Whilst, as the Mail article rightly states, this idea of a price increase - one based on 'user pays' - is just that, a proposal; but if history is any yardstick it will no doubt in time come into being, most likely by means of a Directive - a fact of which Ms. Eagle must surely be aware. In view of that, her comment that there is little hope that Ministers will fight off this appalling plan from Brussels is a tad disingenious to say the least as if it is actioned no minister (Lib Lab or Con) would be able to prevent it.

For those readers who wish to view the White Paper, it can be read here together with other documentation.

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