Monday, 29 August 2011

Man or Mouse, Mr. Carswell?

Douglas Carswell posts on a Two-Tier Europe. Personally, I am totally fed-up with all this 'pussy-footing' around the subject of our membership of the EU and have posted the following comment:
"Words, Mr. Carswell, just words is all we get from those we look to, to do something.

When will you actually do something?

When will you, Cash, Hollobone, et all supposed eurosceptics, forget parliamentary procedure and manners and actually stand up and castigate Cameron and his coterie for being traitors to their country? Use plain English for a change, forget you may get deselected and speak up for those of us who cannot speak in parliament! You may just be surprised by how much your majority increases!

The same message is projected to Hannan D.

You co-authored "The Plan" - then fight for it!

Man or Mouse, Mr. Carswell?
No doubt Mr. Carswell, as with  all politicians, will place his career above his principles.........


Anonymous said...

I don't know how many times I have challenged him to walk across the floor in the last year. He's too comfortable where he is. Spineless like all the rest of them clinging onto their gravy train.

outingthem said...

Nice one, he'll probably do fuck all though........they are all the same

Anonymous said...

Some day soon ,the man in the street will realise that the Vast majority of MPs represent their
masters not their voters.
Elitist cliques and vested interests write the agenda and
God help any politician who dares
stray to near the people.
All over the world .politicians only whince to the sound of breaking glass
Just paid up members of an enlightened tyrrany,
smartly dressed despots

The Clock doth tick

Richard said...


A K Haart said...

Big mouse - or rat as they are usually known.

kenomeat said...

Absolutely brilliant WfW. You have encapsulated the anger of us all into a simple but so effective comment.

john in cheshire said...

I'm waiting for the Conservative twist to the effect : "we are just giving the EU all the rope it needs to hang itself. Bear with us because the electorate won't go along with us withdrawing from the EU until it directly affects their lives."
If this excuse ever comes to bw uttered, my retort will be : "If you knew it was so bad for us, why didn't you all just take whatever action to withdraw from this awful institution."

cosmic said...

It's a great mistake to expect anything much from these 'Eurosceptic' Conservative MPs and take them at all seriously. They produce interesting points but seem unable to join up the dots.

The Conservative Party rules out leaving the EU, although it talks airily about repatriating powers and other things which would lead to an IN/OUT choice, which it clearly has no intention of offering. It produces deceptive twaddle such as the Referendum Lock.

For instance, Mr. Redwood's view is that we should have a renegotiation of the terms on which we remain in the EU, then hold a referendum on whether membership is acceptable on those terms. Sounds pretty good but firstly, it's hard to see any appetite for such negotiations, especially including anything substantial such as restoring fisheries to UK control, and secondly, the answer from the rest would be no. There isn't any option along the lines of a pick and choose EU, it can't work like that.

While the three main parties and the wider non-elected government see themselves as the loyal and enthusiastic UK regional power of the EU, there's absolutely no hope of anything happening through the normal mechanism of electing a different flavour of politician.

I'm sure it will come down to the EU failing and the role of Euroscepticism in the UK will be to keep drawing attention to the point and preventing us becoming the last and only member of the EU.

john in cheshire said...

We are in the same situation as Imre Nagy of Hungary, trying to withdraw from the USSR. They sent in the tanks and shot him 2 years later. Where's our verion of this brave and reckless man?

Woodsy42 said...

Exactly right WfW. It's hopeless to expect any real help from any members of the main parties, they are all too enmeshed in the system to dare to act.

cuffleyburgers said...


I left a similar post on his blog a month or so ago, but it doesn't do any good apparently.

Somehow we have to make a list of these supposed eurosceptic mps and then batter them into actually doing something by besieging their blogs and surgeries bombarding them with letters emails and stuff.

However I fear that the EU will break up before we actually get to tell them to fuck off.

And the likes of Carswell will be there braying "that was the plan all along..."

WitteringsfromWitney said...

To all commenters, thank you for your views. The post has generated too many to individually answer and in any case my response would be the same to all - namely: Agreed.

To cuffleyb I have to say that the compilation of such a list is exactly what I am in the process of doing.......

The term eurosceptic requires 'binning' and either Anti-EU or Withdrawalist used as nowadays anyone can be eurosceptic!

Anonymous said...


Agrred with that.

In the final analysis, the only ones to blame is ourselves. Consider the word “sceptic”. It does not mean “anti” something, but merely not convinced or having doubts about some issue.

Thus EU sceptic politicians can rightly claim that they never said they were anti-EU, but merely doubtful about the benefits of our membership. As sceptics, they can continue to be sceptical about our EU membership, with no change forever, as that is the only way to be sceptical. It is our own fault that we ascribed an “anti-EU” position to EU sceptics.

Time to change. The EU sceptics are at best well meaning, or at worst, a deliberate ploy to channel anti-EU views to a safe cul-de-sac.

Woodsy42 said...

That's an interesting lingusitic reminder DP111. I have tended to think of EU skeptic as being an anti EU brand, as most real world euroskeptics do indeed want out of the mess, but of course it is no such thing. As you say it simply means a lack of confidence or enthusiasm for something not an outright rejection.
Unlike AGW skepicism which generally means a position of disbelief we cannot not believe in the EU even though we may want out.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

DP111: Good point on 'sceptic' and one that I have included in my latest post.

W42: see above.