Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Wholesale looting

Richard North, EU Referendum, posts on the growing trend for CEOs of quangos and fake charities being paid what can only be considered vast sums for their 'expertise'. Oddly, Richard cites Riverside Housing Group - one of many housing associations, who he maintains are nothing more than jumped-up council housing departments and who are ripping off their 'clients' in the process.

Riverside Housing Group is no more than an asset-stripping organisation - with a track record - who 'took over' a previous landlord, English Churches Housing Group (ECHG), who had somehow got into financial difficulty. Riverside then proceeded to 'sell-off' what they considered the unprofitable sections of the ECHG portfolio, resulting in part of that being purchased by Catalyst Housing Group - who thus became my new landlord.

The fact that some 'clients' may be ripped-off can probably be laid at the door of those employed by housing associations who have little or no knowledge of the matters with which they have to deal - but are word perfect when it comes to their rule books, health and safety, together with equality and diversity. That Catalyst have been what one may term a ray of sunshine, after Riverside, is not disputed - however it did take 6 months to convince them that there is a statutory formula to be used when implementing a rent increase and that that rent increase had to be submitted on a statutory form. After 16 months we are still discussing the 'opening balances' on their rent statements - but hey, you can't have everything in life, can you..........?


Anonymous said...

Just seen, on the "news", a Libyan "rebel" walking away from one of Gaddafi's son's house with a painting - he called it "a souvenir"
So after the England looting and the banker/quango looting we now have souvenir hunting. I wonder how many "souvenirs" will be given good homes over the next few days.
More looting ONI, an Italian oil company is already there in Libya -
Looking (looting) after the oil fields.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

A: Sure he was a Libyan who had just been lybiarated? Not one of our MPs in disguise after yet another freebie?