Tuesday, 16 August 2011

You can lead a horse to water - and make it drink

So George Osborne, with the approval of David Cameron, has voiced his support for greater fiscal integration in the eurozone; yet once again we have to ask whether, like all politicians, he has made the most elementary of mistakes - the need to think things through. If a single eurozone fiscal government were to be formed, how will QMV 'work'? How can 10 countries block the wishes of 17?

The fact that I would not trust Cameron, Osborne, Clegg, MilibandE (or any of the political 'elite') even after I had driven a stake through their individual hearts, begs the question how long before we are told that to be able to influence the development of the EU we need to be in the eurozone; or that it is just another 'tidying-up exercise' - whereupon the full PR resources of the EU and the Lib/Lab/Con will be used to ensure the British people agree.

Do the British people really know who governs this country? If not, perhaps they ought to toddle over to Ian Parker-Joseph's place and read this. To quote Ian:
"Information is power. So get empowered, then get mad and do something about it."

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