Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Forgive them for they know not what to do

"Government, when it is examined, turns out to be nothing more nor less than a group of fallible men with the political force to act as though they were infallible."
Robert LeFevre, in his essay, Aggression is Wrong

Following the appearance of the two talking heads yesterday, lo and behold it was no surprise that we had a third joining them today. The third talking head has listened to the other two spouting their own rubbish which included condemning 'knee jerk' reaction (as well as belittling all the other jerks) and like the good coalition partner jerk he is, decided to join them with his own rubbish. So, we are going to 'train' parents, make offenders look their victims 'in the eye', together with 'programmes' that balance reparation, punishment, deterrence and rehabilitation.

In the meantime we have an education system breeding yet more of these poor, dysfunctional, deprived children. Courtesy of Your Freedom and Ours, comes notice of this post by a teacher who writes:
"It makes you wonder what they learnt at their New Labour-era hi-tech schools. Perhaps the real lesson they learnt is that nothing should be allowed to dent their self-esteem, and nobody should ever be allowed to ‘victimise’ or ‘bully’ them or prevent them from doing what they like... [.......]......‘New Labour kids’ have been more flattered, mollycoddled and freed of responsibilities than any generation before them. These days, as young people progress through the education system, they learn that there is a whole raft of medical reasons why they can’t write neatly or behave properly in class. They also know that if their exam grades are slightly disappointing, they can always blame the teachers."
It is a wonder that what has happened in Aachen, Germany, has not yet occurred in this country - or maybe it has?  On reflection, maybe not as it would seem we do not have an education system good enough to produce a boy of 11 being aware of and feeling that he has been subjected to 'forced labour'. When that piece of news 'sinks in' our lot will soon be claiming that being made to attend school is forced labour; mind you, digressing slightly, we adults have been and are still being, for the past 15 years, subjected to forced labour - both red and blue.

Society in this country has sunk to a nadir, be that in education or behaviour - all as a result of political social engineering. It has reached the stage where the politicians, to quote a commenter on "Two talking heads", writes:
"They cannot admit that the fault lies with the political class because that would be to admit that they are not needed, they are not the font of all wisdom, they are not required nor wanted as the provider of first choice. Thus they see no other avenue except for more central control, more authoritarianism, more police state and more regulation, all of which will address consequences and none of which will address causes if for no other reason than they cannot see the causes."
That we need to rid ourselves of this political class cannot now be beyond doubt as by their actions - or maybe that should be inaction - the United Kingdom has been well and truly 'procreated'!



TomTom said...

You really must pop over to anncoulter.com and read her commentary on the British Welfarist Experiment

Western Society is bankrupt - financially and morally. It is simply the product of Excess unleashed largely once easy credit was unleashed in the 1970s after Nixon took the US off Gold because of the VietNam War costs destroying US competitiveness.

Industry is there to make products and serve needs, not to fund fantasies. Every family business dies when they invest in Art or Castles rather than machines - Clog-to-Clogs in 3 Generations

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: You are spot on about the bankrupcy bit - meanwhile, as you suggest, off I toddle to Ann.....