Monday, 8 August 2011

Politicians: Its the bankers - Bankers: its the politicians

"Democracy is also a form of worship. It is the worship of Jackals by Jackasses."
H. L. Mencken
And still the blame game continues as politicians in Europe continue their attempts to solve the economic problems of their own making. As Eamonn Butler over at the ASI so rightly points out, politicians do not control economies - markets do. Currently, the media and blogosphere are concentrating on events in Tottenham, Enfield and elsewhere, included in which are some cheap points being made by the political class in their attempts to divert attention for the blame that must surely follow, yet a far larger fire-storm is brewing across the Channel and when that ignites we will not have sufficient ambulances and fire engines to cope - again as Eamonn Butler remarks.

This logically leads onto yet another problem, a problem that has been compounded time and time again in our own country. When the political class are reluctantly forced to turn to their milch cow for an extension of their mandate to steer our country along the path to total ruination, what follows is completely predictable. Those self-same members of the political class appear, telling us that they have the cure to all our ills, conveniently omitting to also tell us that it was they that caused those ills in the first place.

The fact that politicians such as Gordon Brown, Ed Balls and Ed Miliband - to name but three - can get themselves re-elected when it is obvious that they were the cause of our country's ills due to their prolifigacy with our money only serves to demonstrate that, to repeat the wise words of Mencken, jackals really are worshipped by jackasses! It is ironic that some sacrificial lambs were led to legal slaughter for misusing tens of thousands of pounds of public money, yet those who wasted billions of pounds of public money are rewarded with continuation of their places at the public trough and the opportunity to potentially wreck the country yet again.

Perhaps the time has come whereby incompetent politicians should be punished, not just by being issued with a P45, but also to be punished financially - loss of pension rights, for example, coupled with the banning from participation in political life for a number of years?

Just musing, as they say.........................


Anonymous said...

I suspect that these type of politicians have had their day.
Why ?
They need borrowed money to make it work.
The markets are becoming less inclined to give it to them.
That's what's happening.
The days of Labour buying votes with borrowed money are over.
It's a polar shift in politics.
I do not think they have got it yet.

They will,soon.

The Gray Monk said...

As I have remarked before on this blog, the real rulers are the civil servants behind the "ministers" and "elected representatives." It doesn't matter who you elect - the waste will continue because the civil servants control the money, the education, the organs of state - and won't give that up no matter who is elected.

As a Romanian friend told me after their "revolution" - only the faces in the front row of the photograph change. They go, the ones behind move forward and the same apparatchiks continue with "business as usual." If you want to make a full and workable change in the running of the country - you have to destroy the civil service first. That will leave the politicians exposed and powerless - then you can force them to accept change.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anon: True, but see TGM's comment which also true.

TGM: I know and should have included something in the post - it will be covered in the 'constitutional thingy' I am doing.......

James Higham said...

Ah yes - the blame game.

PeterCharles said...

As I keep saying, nothing will change unless there are real consequences for political failure and even more pertinently, consequences for civil service failure, not the 'promotion to the first level of incompetence' practice we currently have. Like in the private sector, or the effective bit anyway, when you reach that point you are either demoted to a position you are competent to hold or sacked.

The Bankers have the right of the blame game, but not in the way they mean it. It is the politicians fault firstly because they are the ones who determined the structures and regulation which allowed and encouraged the incompetent bankers to switch from investment to gambling while demanding they lend to those who couldn't afford it, just as the current UK idiots are doing with their lending targets; secondly by bailing them out when they turned turtle instead of protecting individual and commercial depositors while letting the gamblers lose out and sacking the entire lot at the top of the tree without pensions, pay-offs or anything else and thirdly by prosecuting the arseholes who fraudulently cut and packaged those billions of dollars of toxic loans and sold them around the world.

TomTom said...

This was ever so. Winston Churchill created the Gallipoli Disaster, followed by the 1925 Gold Standard Disaster, the General Strike, serial errors throughout the 1940s, and headed a government after 1951 which encouraged Commonwealth Immigration - he could change party twice - yet they still voted him in.

Brown is a funny case. Labour has been haunted by 1931; Brown wrote a Thesis on it; yet he fell into the same trap as Philip Snowden and was rolled over by the Bankers.

Ed Balls is an FT Journalist who had good contacts to Larry Summers and idolatry for the Senile Greenspan - Master of Global Destruction

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Anon 0327 has it right.

We are seeing the beginning of the end of the leviathan state.

It will be messy, it will be painful, they will not go down without a fight and they have the power - which they will use - to take most of our wealth with them.

But in the end, as a great lady said once, you run out of other peoples' money.

That is what we are now seeing.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC: Quite agree......

TT:Accept what you say.