Friday, 19 August 2011

Democracy in action?

From the Taxpayers Alliance website on the question of a freeze on any increase in fuel duty:
"The Government’s recently launched e-petition website is a small but welcome step towards giving people more say over the country’s affairs: the TPA believes that an online petition gaining sufficient support should be able to trigger a referendum, although for the time being we have to be content with it being eligible for a debate in Parliament." (Emphasis mine)
The Coalition trumpets that it is devolving power to the people; that it wishes to listen to the people - yet for the time being we must be content with the continuing servitude and slavery from which we continue to suffer under our elected dictatorship. I am reminded of the old adage: "Be thankful for small mercies" which translates as: "If someone in authority shows mercy, they choose not to harm someone they have power over". 

Perhaps it is time to remind our political elite just who, actually, has power over who - and that when 'normal service is resumed', it may be that mercy is the last thing shown!

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