Wednesday, 10 August 2011

For the want of a mirror, our nation and society is being trashed

The editorial in today's Daily Telegraph is entitled: "The criminals who shame our nation" - yet nowhere in this piece of supposed journalism do I see any mention of blame being levied at politicians, quangocrats, civil servants or 'stakeholders'.

From Richard North, EUReferendum, we read:
"Yet, it seems that none of these people have mirrors ... or anything approaching self-awareness. They rely on their mantras, their superficial analyses and their knee-jerk responses, oh so clever and so full of shit. Sadly, therefore, days into this crisis, not one of the paid commetariat seem close to understanding what is going on. And this is why, one suspects, things are not going to get better."
Paraphrasing the Telegraph editorial: what we have seen in this country for the last two decades where politicians, quangocrats, civil servants and stakeholders are concerned is vandalism of our country's constitution, the looting of our nation and its society; and thieving from the public purse. It is blindingly obvious they have neither respect for, nor fear of, those they are meant to serve. They behave with brazen impunity and in so doing confirm that the contract twixt the various sections of government and the people no longer exists. In which case there can only be one response if our nation and its society is to be saved and that is the hooligans we employ must be bought to heel and shown the hard way that continuation of their incompetence will no longer be tolerated.


TomTom said...

You must read Christopher try "Revolt of The Elites" or "Culture of Narcissism"....the scales will fall from your eyes.

You cannot expect the Courtiers of Versailles to anticipate the sans-culottes; nor the denizens of the Winter Palace to know their city will be called Leningrad.

Greek Tragedy has three parts, but it cannot be stopped.......TWO World Wars were started to halt revolution in Europe at the turn of the 20th Britain Carson's UVF was destroyed on The Somme and the system lumbered on creating false bubbles of credit to sustain the illusion of Welfarist Consumerism.......there is nothing left to mortgage and chickens have come home to roost

The Gray Monk said...

The Journos won't blame the Polies - they go hand in hand, each feeds off the others back.

Besides, all the Sir Humphreys will be out in force to ensure their Ministers are misbriefed and given all the usual myths and legends so the blame stops with them and no one looks at how the social engineering in the CS is affecting Britain - or what's left of it.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: I will try and source copies of both.

TGM: The reliance of both on each other is accepted and known.

Perhaps the appointment of 'ministers' with qualifications in the areas for which they are responsible might just stop any 'misbriefing'. Whilst everyone has and is entitled to political beliefs, civil servants have to be apolitical and if they can't or are shown unable so to be then it must be P45 time.

PeterCharles said...

It is blindingly obvious they have neither respect for, nor fear of, those they are meant to serve.

Not I think for much longer. The riot situation seems to be occupying all the attention at the moment, but it is the international financial meltdown that seems to be gaining momentum. Once that knock-on effect starts to bite expect to see things getting much, much worse.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC: Agreed that it is the financial situation that will hopefully be the cataylst. At the moment the riot and loot subject is the one catching the public attention and I just feel comment on anything else stands to get lost.......

PeterCharles said...

WfW Looking at today's financial turmoil, the probability that SocGen in France is in the deep doodoo, or should that be can't hide the deep doodoo anymore, the riots pale into insignificance.

If SocGen goes belly up even if it is 'rescued' that would put France out of ESF contributions which would effectively leave only Germany holding the can who would immediately throw it away which means Greece, Ireland and Portugal would be defaulting, and taking the UK with them, with Spain and Italy right behind taking France with them, which would then take Wall Street down as all their exposure to the PIIGS has been quietly cleared and transferred to France.

That is what should happen, of course, and maybe will. Then we can try a new global monetary system not completely reliant on fiat currencies. More likely there will be fudge after fudge after fudge while it all goes wrong, drawing out the pain for years until there is either a war, revolution or coup, or maybe all three if we are really unlucky.

Maybe them ol' Mayans knew something after all!!!!

Anonymous said...

If a nation wishes to treat 9-11
million of its own citizens like rats
(you know who I mean) then rats is what you get,in this case, the younger rats having a nibble.

Not bothered ,dont care

TomTom said...

Have you noticed how System Media responds ? They try to vilify the rioters as a) welfare bums b) amoral underclass c) there is no need to discuss criminal behaviour, it is self-evident.....but they try to play race etc as a "dog whistle" but hear BBC contingent voices say "Brixton" or the headline about "race war" in Birmingham without explaining why - the ethnicity of the car occupants is left open as if we expect "white"......they heat up the rhetoric but hesitate because the occupants are rumoured to be "black"

There is suppression of fact and reporting going on, and the fear of the nomenklatura is so palpable....they cannot play Punch & Judy setting two sides against each other as per usual with cardboard cutout approaches to issues "conservative" "liberal" with "good" "bad" as they do in religion, politics etc.

The complexity cannot be reduced to simple ideology though they try

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC: Frightening, is it not? Don't know if you read him, but this is Carswell on fiat currencies:

A: I think you should be........?

TT: Don't even start on the media - please?