Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Those with a history of two greenhouses shouldn't throw stones

Richard North, EU Referendum, unearths a bit of unpublicised history involving the Rt. Hon. Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The interesting piece of history occurs at 4:45 in the following video:

They say a leopard never changes its spots, so would it be impertinent to ask just where was our Deputy Prime Minister the weekend before last?


DerekP said...

Our politicians, senior civil servants and bankers have already given the lead on thrashing our country while taking money & goods without accountability.

If people like Clegg want the law to go in hard on someone I suggest start with the (mostly senior) civil servants with taxpayer funded credit cards who have just been using those cards for themselves with no accountability - but it will all be documented so we should be able to prosecute the bastards with no option for leniency or early retirement; in fact, strip them of their pensions and watch the civil service suddenly turn honest.

They have been stealing, Nick Clegg, and it is no different to the looters - just with better vocab and posher accents.

Anonymous said...

Typical establishment Trash. Just like Dave and Boris smashing up restaurants when they were all ponced up in that " club " of theirs. Poor people have gangs, The establishment have " clubs " they both perform the same social function. I despair of this country. Vote UKIP!!

The Gray Monk said...

They're all the same - the only difference between them and the rioters is that they have a lot more money and better employment prospects ...

PeterCharles said...

There lies the difference between the haves, politicians, establishment, professionals and the like, and the have nots, the rioters and the common man.

For the haves they are, or were, foolish, immature and 'honestly' repentant which excuses their criminal acts. For the have nots they are criminal and excuses that they were foolish, immature and repentant matters not one jot.

You can see who makes the rules can't you?

TomTom said...

Clegg like Harman owes so much to his 'lucky sperm' without which he would be a car salesman and Harriet would be a temping secretary.

Life's Chances have been good to talentless fools and the rest of us have been terribly indulgent of their inadequacies because of their parentage.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

DP: Agreed

A: As with DP

TGM: Agreed

PC: Oh, we all know who make the rules - and change them to suit themselves......

TT: Could not agree more with your last paragraph!