Monday, 22 August 2011

Perhaps we should 'renegotiate' Open Europe?

The Open Europe blog has an article discussing various matters EU which appeared during the course of this weekend just gone: Dominic Raab's article in the Sunday Times (£); the so-called Eurosceptic MPs mentioned in the Sunday Telegraph; and the 'Merkozy' deal of last week.

As I posted here, over the weekend,  if the term Eurosceptic is taken to mean being against EU membership, then support for the government on any matter EU is not being 'Eurosceptic', neither is seeking a 'middle way' between integration and withdrawal - ergo Dominic Raab is no more Eurosceptic than is David Cameron. All the talk from politicians and Open Europe about 'renegotiation' is but a smokescreen to divert people's attention from the fact that the EU will never allow the UK to opt-out or renegotiate social or employment matters (or anything else, come to that) as to do so would open the floodgates for other member states to do likewise - which promptly negates the EU's raison d'etre of a single market and single economic governance.

For Open Europe to write that Europe can no longer be reduced to some sort of black-and-white struggle between 'federalists' and 'eurosceptics' and that it probably never could but even less so now, really does beggar belief. What is it that Open Europe does not understand about sovereignty and the ability to decide one's own laws on any matter? The discontent with the EU is spreading it would seem, if this from Welt Online is to be believed:
"Das Volk kündigt den Vertrag mit der Politik. Merkel und Sarkozy sind Regierende ohne Volk. Sie wollen die politische Euro-Union. Doch die Bürger Europas wollen die Erneuerung der Demokratie."
which I am reliably informed translates as:
"The People cancel the Contract with Politics. Merkel and Sarkozy are Leaders without a People. They want a political Euro-Union. The Citizens of Europe want Renewal of Democracy."
You never know, British politicians may not be the only ones on whom the Masonic oath is performed.


PeterCharles said...

It is pretty clear that all the main stream party's eurosceptics are not, as you say.

What we have here is just another example of the kind of spin Cameron and Blair are so adept at; throw out a concept or idea that has no substance or actual meaning and the fools will interpret what is said as being in line with their own position or prejudices. Almost everyone agrees that the UK - EU balance is out of kilter. Some think the only solution is outright withdrawal, others are certain all would be well if we could just get rid of this or that bit, and yet others think it is pretty OK as things stand but a little tidying up wouldn't hurt.

Like Cameron's big society the emanations of the 'eurosceptics' are fatuous expressions of undefined hopes that all the fools can hang their preferred interpretation on, or at least provide an excuse for still supporting their traditional party when all their previous experience shouts that it is only a Chimera.

One wonders if they will ever learn.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC: Nicely put - wish I had your ability with words....... :)

Anonymous said...

This is probably the most important piece about your Common Law rights and the fraud perpetuated by TPTB that you will ever hear. It's 75 mins long so you may want to listen to it in chunks but it is AWESOME: