Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Which 'sucks' more? The Guardian or Greg Barker?*

The Guardian reports that Social housing tenants will be able to gain access to green forms of heating, such as wood-fired boilers, solar-powered hot water systems and heat pumps, under plans unveiled by the government. The article continues:
"The government has called for increased investment in renewable energy, including forms of heating and electricity generation, as well as a new fleet of gas-fired power stations needed to fill the gap left by older power stations being taken out of service"
Not a word that it is our government in Brussels that has called for increased investment in renewable energy; nor that the older power stations being taken out of service is again at the behest of Brussels; nor that we still need power stations to cater for when renewables are not supplying energy - but hey, don't let me appear churlish, the Guardian is after all a 'reputable' newspaper, one that employs reputable journalists like David Leigh.

The article also contains this gem from Greg Barker, minister for energy and climate change:
"Improving and greening Britain's homes must make strong financial sense if we are to provide a real sustainable alternative to expensive old heating systems. If people choose to go green, they want to see real savings – this will drive the take-up of new heating technologies in social housing and help slash their dependence on big energy companies and expensive tariffs."
Tell me Greg, who was it that helped those big energy companies impose their expensive tariffs? More importantly, why should we listen to someone who considers himself an honourable man yet is unable to be honest about government policy; and also chose to allow - one might say through the back door - an interest in interior design to wreck his marriage? 

Mind you, they say there's nowt so queer as folk...................

*And in answer to the question posed by the heading - probably Greg Barker.

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