Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Riotous behaviour

For the third night running we have witnessed behaviour that sickens, carried out, according to some commentaters, by mindless idiots hell bent on destruction and looting.

We hear from politicians that those who have committed these acts will be punished; that communities must work with the police to prevent such behaviour in the future; that, from those of left-wing persuasion, those rioting and looting are but reacting to their deprivation of the benefits of society. 

So then begins the blame-game with 'journalists' writing reams about the causes and who, in their opinion, is to blame; coupled with think tanks also apportioning blame and offering cures. We have Gavin Poole, Executive Director of the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) in a statement stating that we need deep rooted social reform. Then we have Christine Odone, writing in the Daily Telegraph, that absent fathers have a lot for which to answer. 

Next on the roll-call of comment are those blaming the police for being ineffective, for standing by while buildings and cars burn; for not ensuring that fire engines and ambulances can reach the areas where they are needed; for not having won the 'hearts and minds' of those classified as 'poor and disadvantaged'.

As with most aspects of any breakdown in society, when looking for causes critics invariably blame those at the 'action' end, considering their job is then done. Not one article have I seen, so far, that is prepared to lay the blame where it truly lies - with our politicians.

Who has played 'fast and loose' with our education system, failing to ensure that the basic three Rs are taught; instead, instilling in young minds political correctness and why the European Union is such a brilliant institution? Politicians.

Who has created racial tension by allowing unlimited immigration resulting in a mini united nations being created in a very small island? Politicians.

Who has built a society where personal advancement is frowned upon; personal responsibility removed from individual lives by the concept that the state will provide everything they need? Politicians.

Who has built a system of racial equality, one that employs vast numbers of 'out-reach' personnel supposedly to connect with ethnic minorities and ensure their integration into society? Politicians.

Who has condoned the introduction of a system of policing that results in the situation where the police are unable to maintain law and order, one that appears to make them glorified, uniformed social workers? Politicians.

Who has built a justice system wherein punishment does not fit the crime, where offenders probably live to a better standard 'inside' than 'out' - a standard required due to their human rights? Politicians.

Who has created a society in which any sense of morals and self-esteem are no longer evident? Politicians.

Who has created a society wherein respect for law and order is disregarded, being no longer taught? Politicians.

Who has created a society in which parents no longer have the faintest idea of their responsibilities? Politicians.

All the failures listed above are singularly - and collectively - responsible for the breakdown in our society - and for the rioting and looting which has taken place. To blame the police per se for their failure to control events is, in my opinion, unfair when the methods used have been decided by those at their head. When a police inspector bemoans the fact that many people are becoming very angry that they refuse to move their lines and baton charge the rioters; that having run around like a blue arsed fly trying to understand why they are being ordered to remain static, he is informed that 'Command' are concerned about the sensitivity of the target group - there is something drastically wrong. For those of a left-wing persuasion who promptly complain about a few broken bones, they need reminding that were those scrotes not there in the first place broken bones would not happpen.

That my country has been virtually reduced to the state of a third-world banana republic; one wherein fraud, deceit, dishonour and disrespect are endemic - I get annoyed. To compound that even further, when I am patronised by those supposedly elected to represent my views - and then do no such thing, I get even more annoyed. Finally, when I see my country 'trashed' by ethnic minority groups - then I get incandescent.

If politicians believe riots by ethnic minorities are unacceptable - just wait till we 'whiteys' take to the streets!


Oldrightie said...

You would enjoy the Enoch Powell second clip I've posted. he makes exactly the same points, nearly half a century ago!

TomTom said...

I am tired of listening to babble on the media from the incoherent and the ignorant, some sounding as if they want to appear intelligent, others simply too remote from everyday reality to be heard.

A Supply Teacher is supposed to stand in front of a class of children, pay her own NIC and lose 40% pay to an Agency, and deal with individuals who have been out looting and stealing and knifing, but Policemen hide away in their barracks.

Just how many people face knife threats in their place of work, physical assault, abuse, threat of suspension ? Not many....but they all feel free to comment whilst shrinking away personally from confronting violence

That is the real message. Just how big some mouths are and how afraid they are of actually confronting the problems physically. Everyone has an opinion, but noone has action

Chuckles said...

And even that our country has been literally reduced to the state of a third world banana republic?

In truth, a claim could be made that you are being unfair to many banana republics.

PeterCharles said...

Well, you are certainly partly right that it is politicians at fault, rather more by ignorance, unexpected consequences and sheer incompetence rather than malign intent. The part you have missed is of course the Establishment of which politicians and political parties are but a small part. Like the iceberg nine tenths of the Establishment lies hidden, setting the agendas and moving policy behind the scenes, politicians are but the one ninth in clear view, which is why nothing really changes. Do not forget that politicians in general are know-nothings, usually with an unbelievable lack of common sense, their interests lie in political processes and gaining personal power and prestige, not economics or welfare or defence. It is not 'their' policies that get enacted it is the policies more of those hidden hands have sold them.

You do get the occasional politician like Margaret Thatcher prepared to buck the Establishment but they soon get either dragged into line or marginalised. And if they are successful in any area once they are out of power the vested interests take back control and things return to normal.

I know I have said it before but your catalogue of failures are all aspects of the social democratic model that has taken over throughout the West, even the USA 'though they do not realise it.

And the likes of Christine Odone do have valid points. Absent fathers, or more correctly broken families, are part of the problem, but they are again a result of the social democratic process. It is also true that democracy itself is partly responsible, especially our bastardised version of it which demands politicians bow to vested interests and 'buy' votes.

vervet said...

WW - you are quite correct ... and the view from PeterCharles is equally valid.

But you'll still wait a long time for the "...'whiteys (to) take to the streets!"

Inertia is now our prime national characteristic.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Or: Visited and youre quite right - very enjoyable. I am a big big fan of that man......

C: :)

PC: I know that I have concentrated on the politicians, yet I do accept the points you make about the Establishment. I have not covered that aspect of our problem as I wish to go into greater detail in my constitutional thingy thing.

Odone is correct about absent fathers but that aspect is not the only cause of our problem and I get annoyed when so called journalists do not write a balanced article.

v: thank you. as to the whitey comment, it will take just one thing to get people out. As I write it is reported that about 70 men are out on anti-looter patrol in Enfield. See, it is happening, albeit in small numbers at the moment.

cosmic said...


In general I agree with the idea that the elected government is just the tip of the iceberg and there's a wider power structure which is much more permanent. It always attempts to extend itself. It explains why we have been dragged along with the EU.

However, there's no doubt that the last government was inclined to take action on ill-judged social experiments. e.g. mass immigration which has worsened the problem of a large, lawless, alienated underclass. They also didn't baulk at constitutional changes, such as the half-baked reform of the House of Lords. It wasn't the wider political establishment which talked us into the Iraq war either.

PeterCharles said...

I certainly agree that history will remember Blair and New Labour as the government that did more to destroy Britain than all previous post war governments put together. Nor do I disagree that the political froth does have ideas of its own, I would even accept they believe themselves to be in complete control and probably do not realise just how much they are being manipulated by the Establishment.

You must also remember that the Establishment is not a fixed entity or even an entity at all, it has no fixed ideology or planned intentions, it is simply the aggregation of the views of people of influence who can be found across all walks of life. Predominantly from the moneyed classes, professional classes, academia, media and political classes, of course. These are the views that shape political parties and policies, shape not dictate, and these are the people that make or beak those policies once enacted.

Prior to WW2 the Establishment was conservative, not in terms of political party or support, but culturally, I suppose would be the best word. Indeed my own experience says the majority of those of white ethnicity are still culturally conservative, although less so among women than men.

Post WW2 the Establishment turned from conservative to social democrat and has stayed there ever since. This is why Thatcherism which tended more to conservatism than social democracy was so electorally successful but ultimately politically unsuccessful, why educational reform was initially successful then subverted and reversed, why the poll tax which was a much fairer way to fund local government than rates or council tax failed and so on. This is why New Labour was so successful and why the Tory party became the Social Democratic Conservatives, now under Cameron the Social Democratic Not Conservatives.