Tuesday, 23 August 2011

If you wish to be vague, call for Haig*

William Hague, erstwhile Foreign Secretary but more Cathy Ashton's bag-carrier and mouthing puppet for EU region UK, is reported to have stated that British troops will not be sent to Libya to serve as peacekeepers and is quoted as saying "We’re not looking at British troops being a significant part of a stabilisation operation".

Those two statements are contradictory and therefore meaningless and on a par with his other famously inept utterance of "In Europe but not run by Europe" - so where Hague is concerned, no change there then! Still having converted to Cameroonism, I suppose it is only to be expected..........

Hague is a complete and utter twit/twat - choose your own vowel!

* For those too young to remember it, the heading to this post is a play on an old advertising slogan


john in cheshire said...

I'm afraid I can't stop thinking of him as Billy the Pig.

Monty Cristo said...

Nothing vague about Haig if I remember, it was as if your throat was a channel for some particularly frisky napalm style brew, before hitting one's gut with the subtlety of two fornicating hedgehogs fresh out of a 'travellers' oven.

Hmm... thinking of Hague and hedgehogs and cramped, dark spaces....rear first of course.

TomTom said...

So what were SAS troops doing in Tripoli with French REP soldiers ?

TomTom said...

BTW this song popped into my mailbox from across the Atlantic, I think it is quite seasoned having been around some time......but funny

Immigration Song

cosmic said...

"We’re not looking at British troops being a significant part of a stabilisation operation".

"We're not looking at"; we are not excluding.

"a significant part"; could be a part and who's to say what's significant? The SAS is already there. Is he saying the part they're playing is insignificant?

Attempting to parse Hague's statements is essentially futile. Past experience shows they mean whatever he wants them to mean.

My take on it; "We really don't want British troops on the ground in Libya in any numbers, however, if it all looks like going pear-shaped and turning into a tribal war, Cameron will look a total fool in the eyes of even the dimmest of the electorate and British troops will be thrown in in a desperate attempt to rescue Cameron's pretence of this not being an utterly foolish venture".

Ian said...

On the question of how best to describe William Hague, I think "boring, grating irrelevance" still fits the bill.

As it did at his teenage party conference debut.

TomTom said...

"boring, grating irrelevance"

He's a bag-man for rich men as he has proven time and time again. Unprincipled Opportunist like Blair honing in on money

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: Appropriate when considering expenses, yes

MC: Wasn't into Haig ever......

TT: Good question and agreed on Unprincipled Opportunist.

c: Agreed.

U: Agreed too.