Thursday, 11 August 2011

A schedule for the future

Regular readers will be aware that I have a project 'on the go' in relation to a system of government - or more loosely a type of constitution - by which this nation may be better served.

I intend to shortly publish an 'introduction' to two posts, one of which will detail a form of national government; and the second, local government - although use of the word 'government' is a misnomer as what 'government' would entail would be no more than administration of policies that the people wished implemented (which probably provides an indication to what is going to be proposed.....).

As a result normal posting may be limited to short 'critiques' of what political content comes to my notice, be that political statements or events - although I will attempt two or three posts each day.

As the audio and visual media is wont to plead: stay tuned, please.

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