Monday, 29 August 2011

Not another to cross off my 'eurosceptic' list, surely? (2)

Thanks to CallingEngland, commenting on my preceding post, I find that the letter* referred to had already been published by John Redwood - and yes, it is one hell of a read. (no apology for the pun) From one who professes to be a eurosceptic we read:
"My suggestion is we should make a very modest proposal to the EU, urging our government to use this moment to negotiate a long term solution to the UK’s problem. The proposal would be that we will happily allow the other members to do whatever they like without our seeking to block or veto it. In return we will be given the right to opt out of anything that the EU has agreed or may agree in the future, as Parliament sees fit. The rest of the EU would be spared the UK acting as the brake on the train, the wrecker at the unification party. The UK would be spared having law and regulation forced upon us with which we did not agree. 

Normally we would go along with new and old EU legal proposals. We would still sit down to negotiate and draft with the others. We often might reach collective agreement with them and happily implement what was decided. We would not however, be able to hold them up or resist if they were determined to do something, and they would not be able to force us to do it. We would need to be able to go back over past agreements, but would do so sparingly and only after raising it with them to see if all EU members might like to repeal or amend the offending law." (Emphasis mine)
Redwood then continues to write that with the above, the UK would once again be a democracy.  No it will not and never will be whilst 'decisions' are taken 'as Parliament sees fit' without deference to the people.

I can but repeat the question: how can powers ceded be reclaimed from an organisation whose basic 'raison d'être' is ever closer union. As for Redwood's intention that in reviewing past agreements we would only do so sparingly, it leaves me totally speechless. I had always believed Redwood to be a man of principle and honour, one who believed in self-governance. Unfortunately I now find he is no better than the majority of his parliamentary colleagues who, like others, are prepared to disregard their Privy Councillor Oath and see a foreign entity able to interfere in the governance of our nation. Shame on you Mr. Redwood.

As an aside and for the benefit of the public, it might be an idea if the word 'eurosceptic' - a word that has been stretched beyond its original meaning - were to be abolished and instead the word 'anti-EU' substituted. After all, it would at least enable the public to see who is to be trusted and who is only too willing to claim their 30 pieces of silver.

* The reason for my having missed the letter can be found in Redwood's existing version of his post and the content that I cut & pasted - you will note that the beginning of his last paragraph has been changed (much like his principles, it would seem)....................


A K Haart said...

Redwood may have that fatal wish to meet an extreme position half way so as to seem reasonable himself.

The problem with the EU is that it is so extreme, if we agree that wholesale ditching of democracy is an extreme thing to do.

So you can’t meet it half way - there is no half-way point on which to meet. The only reasonable policy is to get out of the whole sorry mess.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

AKH: Exactly! And still our political elite can't see it......

Bill said...

First Nero now Redwood, Hannan and even it seems Carswell all fiddling while Rome burns.
Every other occupant of a Paliamentary seat supports the rule of a foreign government in the UK so where is the need for any of them?

People I talk too relate the anarchy of no government to the looting in London being the likely scenario if Parliament were removed from existence. I'm loathe to say it but most people in the UK are either not interested/brainwashed by the msm/brainwashed by benefits/terrified of personal responsibility to even acknowledge there is a problem let alone a solution that is in their hands.

Even when I show them how much freedom I have crated for myself by the simple expedients of saying a firm but polite NO to all government interference in my life (and most of the companies who want to fleece my pockets) and lately simply ignoring officialdom in it's myriad of forms which is proving to be more effective than saying NO my friends still won't budge even though they can clearly see that day long whining isn't changing anything.

A collective rocket up the arse or should we set a rumour going that Gadfly and the mythical Alky Ada are holed up in Parliament or Brussels?

I abhor physical violence but it cannot be denied that physical violence can bring about some very effective changes very quickly indeed.

The only non violent answer is to stop paying their taxes but that is akin to telling them the world is flat!

Anonymous said...

Before the election, it was already clear to me which way the wind was blowing. Not just regarding Cameron's view of Europe, but it was also clear that Cameron is a salon socialist. I then suggested to Redwood that he should precipitate a leadership election. He declined of course as he voted for Cameron in the first place. His huffing and puffing now is just that.
I am hopeful that the tide will turn though, probably starting in Germany.

Anonymous said...

Politicians and the three parties will do nothing, as they have got the measure of us, the voters. They know, that moan and groan, we will vote for one of the three.

As you cant pass a grease paper between the three regarding policy, they don't care. They care even less as they can always form a coalition, and then it will be each party getting its turn in power. Worse still, the next coalition could be with Labour and LibDems, thus making the LibDems the kingmakers, as well as the party of government.

How to get what we want without a revolution or non-payment of tax?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

bill: Agree with what you say and unfortunately especially where the remedy involves violence as I think that violence is going to be the only way we can get out of this mess.

Anon: The tide may well be turning and Germany may well hold the key, but I can't see this happening. The EU has travelled too far to allow the euro to fail and they won't allow that 'cause the euro is they key to their attaining their goal, ie a USE.

DP111: Correct, due to tribal voting patterns. Non-payment of tax would work but only if it can be guaranteed that everyone would follow it through, which is highly unlikely.......