Sunday, 7 August 2011

Waste Collection - an update.....

Readers may recall (it was only a few days ago) this post, wherein I recounted my 'fightback' against the imposition of charges levied on the population 'for services rendered' - or not, as the case may be. 

West Oxfordshire District Council issued the obligatory apology whilst informing me that retention of any portion of the 'charge' was not acceptable; to which I replied that I couldn't care less what was not acceptable to them - more importantly, it was a case of what is not acceptable to me as it was me that had to pay them for a service which was not being delivered.

A repetition occured just this past week, so I felt it incumbent to forewarn them:
"Dear Ms. XXXXXXX,

Following our recent exchange of emails on the above subject, I thought it reasonable to advise you that last week (Thursday) - whilst the general waste bins were emptied - the recycling and food bins were not. I telephoned on Friday and, as promised, they were emptied that morning.

However, the 'food' vehicle obviously had a leak, resulting in two mounds of 'slurry' waste with a highly obnoxious aroma, that I had to clear - and then hose down the area. Photographs of this were sent to WODC, care of the "Enquires (at)" email address.

Suffice to say that, that which occured on 1st August will no doubt re-occur on 1st September. Having been warned, it should come as no surprise if I 'make plain' that on each occasion problems arise with my waste collection within a calendar month, the deductions will increase pro rata.

Kind regards,
Where the provision of services, for which a statutory charge is made, are not delivered then the sooner a few more people adopt the strategy I am using, the sooner 'services' may improve?

Just a thought........

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