Sunday, 28 August 2011

Helmer errant

And he should be erubescent with embarrassment at having been outed as yet another not-so-eurisceptic Conservative. Where, I hear the cry, has a renowned eurosceptic - or so Roger Helmer would have us believe - been outed? You need to toddle over to Autonomous Mind and read here, here and here - including the comments.

In the last of the 'series' of AM's posts one commenter, Trooper Thompson, hits the nub of the problem when he writes: "but for me the issue is encapsulated in the name ‘eurosceptic". Originally coined to describe those who were against any ceding of power, with the help of the MSM it has been widened to include those who want some powers returned but who are also content for our membership of the EU to continue - amongst whose numbers, it would seem, can now be  included Roger Helmer. Consequently I believe it reasonable to assume that the ten has now become eleven.

There are only two possible reasons for MPs and MEPs to present themselves as 'eurosceptics' when in fact they are nothing of the kind. First, there are career politicians who will not vote against their party in the hope that promotion may be forthcoming, whilst assisting their party by appearing to be a grouping behind which others can be seen to associate but having the hidden agenda of diverting attention from the real matter in hand; or they have, at some stage, been threatened with deselection at some point. It is not beyond logical speculation to ask whether Helmer has been reminded, from on-high, that Euro elections are due and that the candidate list can easily be changed.

As one who will never accept governance by the EU, the only definition of eurosceptic with which I will concur is someone who accepts the principle embodied in The Oath of Supremacy, imposed by the Act of Supremacy 1558, that no foreign prince or prelate shall rule over this island - and anyone, I repeat anyone, who breaks that Oath is, in my book, a traitorous b'stard.*

It is indeed sad when one sees someone, for whom one had admiration, then shown to be but another unprincipled, dishonourable, talking-head for the leader of his party.

Apologies for yet another short post, but why waste words on anyone who has shattered your ideas of what constitutes decency, truth, principle and honour.

* and when I say anyone, I don't care whether their named Hannan, Carswell, Cash, Heaton-Harris, Cameron, Hague,......................... (Hannan? Ok not an MP, but still a career politician.......)


kenomeat said...

I want to say that you are being beastly and unfair to Dan Hannan. I want to say that but I can't. It's so frustrating; he is obviously a great orator and devoted to capitalism, small government and, of course, the demise of the evil empire. But he is attracting votes for the unworthy Tory party instead of doing the decent thing and either defecting to UKIP or publicly criticising his great leader (a la Enoch).
I know I've just stated the obvious here but no-one else had commented as I write and I thought such a good piece deserved a comment.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

K you are most kind and yes, you are so right re Hannan, something I too have felt but did not say and should have - so merit marks to you!