Sunday, 21 August 2011

Introspectivism (again) from Guido Fawkes?

Paul Staines - aka Guido Fawkes posts - for him, quite a long one - on the subject of "One-Term Tories", citing the economy and the "Andy Coulson" effect, in the process giving a small mention to the 'Eurozone effect' - whilst, understandably, 'blowing his own trumpet' on the 'birth of the Coalition'. Whilst I follow GF on Twitter and read his blog (he is on my blogroll) he appears to believe that we are a self-governing nation and that our 'government' and MPs are important - when in fact the opposite is the case.

That the subject of our EU membership is gradually increasing in news coverage (largely, I suspect, due to the MSM readership of blogs such as IanPJ on Politics, CallingEngland, EU Referendum, The Talking Clock, Muffled Vociferation, Klein Verzet, The Boiling Frog, The Devils Kitchen, Captain Ranty, Autonomous Mind - and many more too numerous to mention) is a factor; as is the undeniable forthcoming implosion of the EU; the changing political landscape with more and more people questioning the vacuous policies of the Lib/Lab/Con; the fact that, come the intended general election of 2015 (assuming no 'fallout' within the Coalition), a groundswell of anti-EU feeling may well spell virtual wipe-out of Lib/Lab/Con candidates; that the public perception of our present crop of MPs cannot sink much lower; that opposition to the 'climate change mantra' is meeting increasing questioning, mainly thanks to the efforts of Christopher Booker, Bishop Hill and WattsUpWithThat (to name but three); would appear to have escaped the notice of, what GF believes to be, the 'King of the Blogosphere'.

It is oft maintained that those within the 'Westminster Bubble' become infected with their own importance, talking as they do amongst themselves - of which Guido Fawkes, Iain Dale and Tim Montgomerie are notable members, amongst others - consequently, their opinions become less and less relevant, which is probably why they are quoted so often by the MSM, but yet again I digress. It is also important that a well-known phrase is remembered, when fighting a war; and that is "know thine enemey", something a few 'commentators' seem to have forgotten - afterthought: they can't all be angling for a 'safe seat' surely?

Wake up Guido and others, remember.....what's the phrase? Ah, yes: "Smell the coffee"!

Just saying.............

Update from twitter which says it all, really: " Massive moment for David Cameron. He and Sarkozy led world on Libya. Proud of him and tonight." - Sheesh!


kenomeat said...

"...come the GE of 2015 a groundswell of anti-EU feeling may well spell virtual wipe-out of Lib/Lab/Con candidates". Do you really think so WfW or is it wishful thinking. I desperately hope you're right but I suspect the MSM will continue to treat the EU as unimportant from a British perspective or that the bailouts (assuming they continue) are actually in Britain's interests.
I take your point about Guido.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

k: Lets say I think the tide is turning, although it does depend to a certain extent how Ukip behave and get their act together......

Likewise I don't believe the MSM will be able to hold back the floodwaters for ever.......

Jim said...

For what its worth, this 'Never voted anything but Tory' is planning to vote UKIP at the next GE. It wouldn't take many more like me to have a big impact on the Tory vote. The UKIP vote at the last election probably lost the Tories an outright majority, another step up for UKIP would leave Labour and the Lib Dems in charge.

And the sad thing is, having them in charge would hardly be any worse than the Tories.

Adam R. said...

Since Qaddafi/Khaddafi/Kadaffy is nearing the end of his reign, I must ask how things will end for your head honcho, Mr. Cameron. Will he say to the media, "My people love me. Mumsy and Dadsy said so" should a legitimate riot come to Westminster?

Anonymous said...

On the conviction that no vote is ever a wasted vote, I voted UKIP as the only party that had my views on the EU, the fraud of AGW, and the Islamisation of the UK.

Will vote for the UKIP again, but what is more important is that bloggers continue to change the political landscape. Once that begins to change, politicians will be falling over themselves to outdo UKIP's stances on the issues above, with the MSM trailing behind them.

It will be a "buyers" market, as it should be in any real democracy.

DeeDee99 said...

A short while ago I received a letter from one of Deadwood's officials on the subject of the EU. (I wrote asking Labour to support a Referendum just to see what response I got.)

Deadwood/Labour policy is identical to Cameron's Conservatives. Even the phrasing is basically the same.

"Mr Miliband appreciates that this issue provokes strong feelings on both sides .... Mr Miliband agrees that the EU needs to be reformed (particularly on issues such as the CAP and Budget) and it could be more efficient, transparent and effective. He does, however, continue to support the UK's membership of the EU and the very considerable benefits that the UK received from being part of a single-market .... and that is why Mr Miliband supports Britain playing a leading role in reforming and improving the EU. UK membership of the EU, of course, was confirmed by a Referendum in 1975 .... Mr Miliband does not believe that a Referendum on UK membership of the EU is appropriate at this time."

I replied pointing out the factual error - the Referendum in 1975 was on the EEC - and I have had no response.

What this does show, however, is that the Establishment are instructing the Conservatives and Labour not to allow a cigarette paper of difference to open up on their policy towards the EU - so that the electorate are faced with no choice in the matter in the mainstream parties. The next election will be pumped as all about schools n hospitals and the economy and all discussion of the EU will be suppressed again.

We have to do everything possible to highlight the REAL issue - which is that the EU is now our unelected, undemocratic and dictatorial government - and the only way to chance that is by voting UKIP.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

J: Nice to hear! The point you make about a voting loss for the Tories leaving a ILib/Lab coalition is well made - which is why I would like our system democracy changed.

AR: All forms of dictatorship usually end with a 'lynching', metaphorical or otherwise, of the head honcho and his entourage.....

DP111: Hopefully your thoughts will prove correct. I do believe the bloggersphere is beginning to have an effect and is attracting a wider readership.

DD99: Re 'schools n hospitals' - that may well be the case, until the EU decide to 'harmonise' health and education, which will happen mark my words.

Well done on pressing EdM - the more who press our politicians the better.

TomTom said...


Das Volk kündigt den Vertrag mit der Politik

The People cancel the Contract with Politics

Merkel und Sarkozy sind Regierende ohne Volk. Sie wollen die politische Euro-Union. Doch die Bürger Europas wollen die Erneuerung der Demokratie.

Merkel and Sarkozy are Leaders without a People. They want a political Euro-Union. The Citizens of Europe want Renewal of Democracy

cosmic said...


I'd say you were hoping for rather a lot as regards UKIP and the next GE. There's too much tribal voting and too much voting to keep the other lot out because of the imagined differences. It's quite likely that even more won't bother to vote. If UKIP got a few seats at Westminster, it would be an incredibly good result.

As for the Euro elections, we could well see the Conservatives seriously knocked back. It sends a message but hardly matters in practical terms. It may encourage them to up the vague anti-EU rhetoric, but it's unlikely to cause them to change from being a fundamentally pro-EU integration party.

I'm sure this is going to be decided by events external to the UK, and in any case, being in the EU is only a part of the problem. If we didn't have an over-mighty state looking for any chance to increase its embrace, we would likely have broken away from the EU by now.

As for the Libyan adventure, it isn't over yet and there's no telling what will result from it.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: Thanks for the link and translation - have used in a post.

c: Trust me, I have no great hopes for Ukip, not while they cannot get their marketing right......

Agree with your comments about the next Euro elections.

I do think that the effect on the UK of external events (EU) wil be the catalyst that will produce change here.

As for Libya - agree......